Saturday 2nd August 2014

Having landed just a few hours ago in the UK my brain is still fizzing from the flight and the blogger in me is feeling deflated, so apologies for the lack of my Saturday blog.

Now I am in North Yorkshire, one of the many counties in the UK,  my goal is to find some electric cars here. As of yet, on the 1½hrs drive from the airport, I have not seen one.

"North Yorkshire UK locator map 2010" by Nilfanion

“North Yorkshire UK locator map 2010” by Nilfanion

In California there are EV’s everywhere, in New Jersey there are certainly a few but I don’t often see another one on a daily basis. What will I find here in North Yorkshire?Fiat 500 EVs

I am giving myself this next week to go on a mission and see what I can find. Next Saturday tune in to see what I have found out.

In the meantime, if you live in North Yorkshire and drive an EV, put your hand up and be counted!



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  • Richard Glover

    what do we see in the picture please?

    • MEroller

      A lot of Fiat 500e’s, pure Californian compliance cars that poor FIAT-boss Marchionne loses 14000 US$ on for every car sold 🙂 At least he is far more honest than all the other compliance car makers…

      • D. Harrower

        Yes. However will poor Mr. Marchionne feed his family now?

  • vdiv

    You could start with charging stations as they do not move (easily or often) and electric cars tend to congregate there.

  • Surya

    In the UK electric cars are not that common yet, but you will eventually run into some.nDuring my one week there a month ago, I spotted 2 Leafs parked, I passed one on a road in the Cotswolds and passed a Model S on the M25. All other EVs I saw where Leafs at Ecotricity quick chargers. I found them on about 50% of the chargers I visited.