Transport Evolved Embarks on the Epic Tesla Model S Road Trip: Help us Pick Some Tunes

Here in the UK, it’s pretty hard to make an all-American -style road trip. For a start, there just isn’t enough of the UK to keep anyone in a car for more than a few hours at a time.

But this weekend, we’re borrowing a Tesla Model S and heading out on what must be one of the most epic road-tests we’ve ever made, criss-crossing the UK in order to make a number of important engagements and of course, to test out the Tesla Model S too. All on one of the UK’s busiest bank-holiday long weekends.

What tunes should we listen to on a Tesla Model S Road Trip?

What tunes should we listen to on a Tesla Model S Road Trip?

Naturally, we’ll be stopping by some of the recently-launched Tesla Superchargers in order to see just what it’s like Supercharging a Tesla Model S for the first time. We’ll be loading up our press car with a full compliment of family and luggage in order to see how the car drives when it’s fully laden. And we’ll be seeing how easy it is to charge on the road when the worst-case scenario means we’ll be charging at just seven miles per hour.

In total, we’re going to be covering just over 1,000 miles in three days, equating to a lot of time behind the wheel and hopefully several successful charging stops. And in order to fully test our loaner car, we’ll be putting all of the features of our test Model S through its paces — including its Internet radio.

Which got us thinking. What songs should we ask our car to play — and what kind of play list does one listen to when road-tripping in a Tesla Model S? And can it keep a car-full of adults and kids happy for more than 1,000 miles of travel without listening to the same song more than once?

You’ve got twenty-four hours to come up with some must-listen to hits, and we’ll be sure to search for them all in our time with the Model S. We’ll also be tweeting from the road at regular intervals from our Twitter account, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or keep track of the #TETeslaTrip over the weekend.

Leave your song suggestions in the Comments below — along with anything you’d like testing from a family perspective — and we’ll try to do our best try everything you suggest before we hand the car back next week.


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Want to keep up with the latest news in evolving transport? Don’t forget to follow Transport Evolved on Twitter, like us on Facebook and G+, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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  • jim murphy

    Start with Tales from Topographic Oceans then Hot Rats. Drop in some Acid Jazz like Count Basic or Kruder & Dorfmeister … slide on Music for the jilted generation then groove to Jaco Pastorius Teen Town. Next check out Zero 7 and Telepopmusik and then finish with The Cry of Love and Close to the Edge you’ll be home before you have left. Total bliss.nThe kids’ll still be cryin’ but they would be anyway. No loss.

  • just someone old

    Led Zeppelin-Stairway to HeavennnChris Rea – Looking For The SummernnChris Rea – Road to HellnnMeat Loaf – Paradise By The Dashboard LightnnOasis – She’s ElectricnnEric Clapton & Friends – Call Me The BreezennEric Clapton & J.J. Cale- Dead End RoadnnWhat a wonderful world – LOUIS ARMSTRONGnnRod Stewart – “Sailing”

    • vdiv

      Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run [4:30]nBruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark [4:02]nDire Straits – Where Do You Think You’re Going? [3:31]nDire Straits – Telegraph Road (live) [11:59]nDeep Purple – Highway Star [6:08]nDeep Purple – Space Truckin’ (Made in Japan) [19:54]nQueen – Ride the Wild Wind [4:41]nQueen – Breakthru [4:07]nPink Floyd – Run Like Hell [4:21]nPink Floyd – On the Turning Away (Delicate Sound of Thunder) [8:00]nnThe 70’s and 80’s called, they want their music back 😉

  • Esl1999 .

    As you get on the motorway, hopefully not during rush hour, begin playing the main theme to Star Trek: The Next Generation. This will set the tone for the adventure that awaits you. If you make a video of the trip, make sure it’s less kid-screamy than KmanAuto and almost as pleasant as Bjorn Nyland. In Fact, make it better than his. That will show him for not doing your show.

  • Dennis Pascual

    On my Tesla pick up weekend, I made sure to play OMD’s “Tesla Girls” for my wife… nnnAnd tracks off the Cult’s Electric album when she was napping in-between Superchargers between 2 and 3 am on the way home on Sunday morning/Saturday night (as we passed Laguna Seca on the 101). That stuff helped keep me awake.

  • siblingsoulshine

    With two children in the car there is almost no music we can agree on. In fact, I think the only song is Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton. Great as it is, perhaps one song on repeat is not suitable for a road trip. nWe have found ourselves singing his Ikea song when we pull in for a charge, but I guess you won’t be doing that in the Tesla.

  • “Here in the UK, itu2019s pretty hard to make an all-American -style road trip. For a start, there just isnu2019t enough of the UK”nnWhy restrict yourself to UK u2026 Euro-tunnel and Superchargers across the channel could open possibilities to family style epic trip. 😉 u2026 provided host would allow geo-roaming.

    • nitters

      Yes – come visit us in France! (in the very south-east to make it more of a challenge). The LEAF can do it! 😉

  • Jim Burness

    My daughter’s favorite is “Electric Car” by Robin Goldwasser and They Might Be Giants. “Holiday Road” by Limp is how we start most of our road trips (since the Lindsey Buckingham isn’t available).

  • Billy Lobner

    Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant

  • Paul

    Electric Dreams by P.P. Arnold on repeat is surely the correct answer?

  • MarcDaniel Erasmo

    Can you play music from sound cloud in the Tesla?n

  • Esl1999 .

    If the Tesla gives you problems, you could always play “Electric Blue(s)” by Icehouse.

  • BenBrownEA

    …I’m on work rotation so I missed your deadline, but if “I” could have suggested music it would have been:nnSavourna Stevenson, n”Misterstourworm and the Kelpieu2019s Gift” if you are thinking something kids might enjoy.nn”Tweed Journey” seeing the fact you are touring seems appropriate as well.nnnRudiger Opperman,n”Stream of Gold” and anything else on that CD should be nice…nnnIF you could find music by Mirjam Reitberg on cross strung harp, I promise her nlatest concert (part aired on YouTube) would knock your socks off.nnnHope your trip is far more fun than you imagined. Best to you…