ElectraGirl: Jetting Out & Thinking About UK/US Politics

Saturday 23rd August 2014

Just a short thought on the difference between US and UK politics.

Rainy day

The view from the window on this summer afternoon

We’re at the end of our stay in England. I’m always a little disappointed to leave my family behind and I’m especially sad this time as, the UK seems to have undergone a transformation in my little part of the country. Last weeks revelation in York and a growing number of Electrics being spotted around town gives me great hope that the UK is on a roll. Perhaps those people at Top Gear were a bit premature in putting down adoption of Electric Cars in England.

But will it continue to grow?

In the UK, I think so. Projects like GoUltraLow, sponsored by the auto industry and hosted by the UK Governments “Office for low emission vehicles” promote the benefits of electric cars in a “look, see, they can work” kind of a way which I like. Check out the site and compare that to the messages that we see in the US. From GoUltraLow:

“Once you’ve got the vehicle, it’s incredibly cheap to run.”

Nick Clegg MP, Deputy Prime Minister

Maybe it’s because I’m more familiar with US Electric Car politics these days or maybe the UK is more open to change or, just less resistant to being told what to do but, it does seem that the UK is more about change whereas the US seems to be mired in debate about whether it’s constitutionally acceptable to suggest making changes before any change can even be considered. Is that a fair assessment?

I’m certainly not saying that the US doesn’t promote the use of electric vehicles just that there’s a subtle difference in the language – the Barak Obama “Calls for change“, Nick Clegg says that there nice to own. Which is best?

Anyway, just before I head out… evidence that some things are the same the world over… Yes, that little blue EVSE is well and truly ICEd…


BMW Dealer car park



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