Longest EV parade: 507 breaks record


Cars gather at De Anza College, Cupertino in rediness for the parade. Photo credit: Frank Mokaya

This past weekend, as part of this years National Drive Electric Week events, a new Guinness World Record was set for the longest all-electric vehicle parade; 507 vehicles.

The parade was organized by San Francisco BayLEAFs and the Silicon Valley chapter of the Electric Auto Association. Every vehicle was zero-emission, all-electric and perhaps controversially, no hybrid-electrics were allowed.

The event was launched from De Anza Collage in Cupertino, CA, just a stones throw from Apple’s HQ and from SAP who were the main parade sponsor. Indeed, some executives from SAP were part of the parade in a Tesla Model S.

“Congratulations on helping to drive the future of automotive technology,” said Philip Robertson, Guinness World Record Judge, as he presented the certificate to a cheering crowd of thousands. “This is a change moment.”

The event exceeded the previous record set in Stuttgart, Germany just five months ago. Their event saw 481 cars.

Courtesy of PlugInAmerica, you can see an aerial view of the parade that shows the scale of the operation, and rather shows off the scale of the college solar array too.


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  • MEroller

    What IS it with 507 EV World records? That is exactly the number counted on the day of the Stuttgart / Bad Cannsatt event. However, it was determined not all 507 had actually driven both through the pneumatic arch at the beginning AND at the end. That is why the number was eventually reduced to 481. I wonder if a similar cutback will made on the Cupertino event???

    • Michael Thwaite

      That’s bizzarre, I didn’t know that. Funny!

  • smartacus

    How many flatbeds did they need to bring them all in…nOr get them out?

  • smartacus

    BEVs are not Hybridcars and BEV community HATE hybrids. I know because i witnessed it myself recently. They hate Fuel Cell Vehicles even worse, so not even camaraderie among Zero Emissions Vehicles is happening. Most of the intolerance is coming from Tesla owners and aspirants.

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