From The Editorial Team: Transport Evolved’s Live Show and This Weekend’s Clock Changes

Hello everyone! This is Nikki here from the Transport Evolved editorial team, and I’d just like to remind you all that this Sunday, October 26, the clocks go back one hour in the UK at 2am. This means that from Sunday morning at 2am, we’ll no-longer be on British Summer Time but on Greenwich Mean Time. Or Winter time, if you prefer.

Tick tock! The clocks change this weekend (Photograph: Paolo Neo)

Tick tock! The clocks change this weekend (Photograph: Paolo Neo)

Interestingly, most of Europe also changes its clocks that weekend, meaning that Europeans will also be getting an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, but those in North America who enjoy watching our shows live at will find that for this week only the Transport Evolved weekend panel show might not be at the time you expect.

That’s because Canada and the U.S. will stay on their summer time until November 2nd at 2am, joining us Europeans on winter time — or daylight standard time as you prefer — one week after we’ve already started to think of our Christmas shopping list.

What does this mean for you? Well this weekend, since our guests are better suited to joining us at 6pm GMT rather than 6pm BST, our live show will appear to go out ONE HOUR LATER than usual if you live in North America. That means that for one week only, we’ll be going live at 2pm EDT, not 1pm.

And if you’re in one of the few U.S. states that don’t change their clocks at all like Arizona, we’re afraid you’re on your own… because we can’t remember which time zone you end up in!

In case you’re the sort to forget, we’ve even created this widget below to let you add the event to your calendar, so you don’t miss out.

Add to Calendar10-26-2014 18:00:0010-26-2014 19:30:0035Transport Evolved Live Episode 216Join us live at Transportevolved.comMM/DD/YYYY

See you on Sunday, and if you’re in Europe, enjoy that extra hour in bed!



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