ElectraGirl: I’m Being Nosey…

Saturday 22nd November 2014

EvaluationThis week I thought I’d do a little survey as I would like to hear your thoughts on Electric Vehicles.

Choose your top three Electric Vehicles and let me know one like and one dislike and then choose your least favourite Electric Vehicle with one like and one dislike.

Here are some of mine…

Tesla Roadster Like – Fun, fun, fun. Dislike – It has the range but not so comfortable for long trips.

Tesla Model S Like – Umm… Everything.  Dislike – I can’t afford one – Yet!

BMW MINI E Like – Super duper fun. Dislike – Only a science experiment.

Fiat 500e Like – Small and nippy (oops that’s two!).  Dislike – Not available on the East Coast of North America.

BMW ActiveE Like – Amazing regen. Dislike – Only came in white.

BMW i3 Like – Its funky looks. Dislike – Placement of the selector for forwards and backwards.

VW e-UP Like – Lots of fun. Dislike – Not going to make it to North America.

VW e-Golf Like – Test driving next week, super excited. Dislike – Undetermined!

Ford Focus Electric Like – Aerodynamic. Dislike – It’s too blah for me, it doesn’t say ‘I’m electric”.

We will post up the results from the survey in a couple of weeks but, what do you like and dislike?



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