Just Ahead of 4th Birthday, Nissan LEAF Celebrates 1 billion kilometres, 150,000 Sales

Next week, Nissan’s all-electric LEAF hatchback celebrates the fourth anniversary of its global launch. Since then, the LEAF has been shipped all around the world and is the most popular electric car ever sold.

Nissan LEAFs have now travelled more than 1 billion kilometres, say Nissan.

Nissan LEAFs have now travelled more than 1 billion kilometres around the world, says Nissan.

But in addition to celebrating the start of the fifth year of LEAF sales next week, Nissan has two more important milestones to celebrate: passing a total of 1 billion kilometres since launch and selling more than 150,000 LEAFs world wide to date.

For those who are interested, 1 billion kilometres (621,371,000 miles) is the equivalent of traveling around the earth 24,953 times, a fact Nissan itself is keen to promote.

While the Nissan LEAF’s biggest rival in the U.S., the Chevrolet Volt, has already passed the 1 billion mile mark (1.6 billion kilometres) Nissan is eager to point out that the more than 150,000 LEAFs now being used worldwide have reached that figure without burning a drop of gasoline.

Nissan LEAF Carwings

The data for the milestone has been computed from Carwings — which has a tendency to under-report miles traveled.

It’s also worthwhile noting however, that the 1 billion kilometre mark is calculated from Nissan’s the number of miles recorded with its Carwings telematics service. Since using the service isn’t mandatory and thus doesn’t record every miles, combined with the fact that it isn’t always the most reliable — it thinks the Transport Evolved Nissan LEAFs have traveled about 20,000 fewer miles than they actually have — we’re guessing the actual number of miles travelled by Nissan LEAFs around the world far exceeds the headline 1 billion kilometre mark.

Nevertheless, to celebrate the milestone across Europe, Nissan has produced a series of short animations which highlight real LEAF owners across the EU talking about their experiences with their electric car. Yesterday, Nissan released a thank-you video on its European YouTube channel thanking LEAF drivers around the world for helping it reach that milestone as the culmination of the celebrations leading up to 1 million recorded kilometres.

The thank you video, with a female voice-over speaking as the LEAF itself over a series of animated photographs, comes down a little bit on the creepy side if we’re honest, but it’s certainly different from anything we’ve seen before.

We’re sure the celebrations will continue as the Nissan LEAF turns four next week, so expect more news from Nissan in the coming days as it continues its LEAF-fest.

In the mean time, we’re interested to hear if you’re a Nissan LEAF owner, and what the collaborative LEAF miles are for all of our Nissan-LEAF owning drivers.

Leave your comments — and your odometer readings — below.


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