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Saturday 6th December 2014

The Survey Results are in…

Questionaire answer headerBut first, thank you to everyone for taking the time to fill out the survey, it is really interesting to see what your favourites are as well as your least favourites and to see the likes and dislikes. It’s interesting to take note, that there were a lot of the same likes and dislikes about the cars.
Also thank you for the comments on the Transport Evolved section, I will send those over to the necessary people.

Now to the results – it’s all very interesting.


First Place: Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is likely to get a price hike in Europe thanks to a strong Dollar and weak Euro.

The Tesla Model S – king of the hill.

It turns out that Consumer Reports was right – they said that 98% of Model S owners loved their cars and it seems that you felt the same.

Scoring twice as much as the second place car, Model S was a clear winner.

People liked Model S design, its true-to-electric philosophy and its performance. Not surprising were the dislikes; price and size but one did surprise me – one respondent criticised Model S for offering a third-row child seat – safety in a rear-end collision was the issue. At TESLIVE 2013, Elon Musk was asked “Tell us something that we don’t know” by a member of the crowd. His answer was telling. He confirmed that the cars sold with the third-row seating contain an special aerospace grade steel reinforcing beam in the rear to ensure that the car maintains the same 5-star crash rating.


Second Place: Nissan Leaf

Nissan LEAFs have now travelled more than 1 billion kilometres, say Nissan.

Nissan LEAFs have now travelled more than 1 billion kilometres, say Nissan.

The choices for favourite car included pin-ups like the Rimac Concept_One and the fastest motorcycle in the world, the Lightning LS219 but, in second place you voted the Nissan Leaf. It received twice the score for the third place car! You liked the running costs, the value and the… looks? “Pretty” said one person. Hmm.

Conclusion: EV people are down-to-earth and wise.

What you didn’t like about the Leaf was the range – 150 miles seems to be the range you’re looking for. Good job Carlos Ghosn hinted as much


Third Place: BMW i3

Is the BMW i3 a hot-hatch in disguise?

Is the BMW i3 a hot-hatch in disguise?

Not a bad showing for a new car but no one picked it as their top pick which shows how it’s both liked and disliked – one person even said what they liked about it was how different it was and, at the same time that was what they disliked about it! It seems that you both love and hate the styling. One thing that came through was that you also loved the performance and handling but that you disliked the price.

The rest of the choices reflected something else about EV owners and owners in waiting – diversity. You loved and hated the Fiat 500e, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the Focus Electric and that says to me that we have a growing diversity in cars available and that, there really isn’t one-size that fits all.


So, what about the bottom of the list?

Electric awesomeness at its least satisfying

Electric awesomeness at its least satisfying

In second to bottom was the Reva “G-Wiz” – which is as it should be. If you’ve not heard of the G-Wiz, it was a silly inner-city commuter car classified in the UK as a “heavy quadricycle” with a top speed of 50mph and a questionable safety record. It was briefly popular in the city of London where its quadricycle rating meant that it was exempt from congestion charges.

But the real loser, or winner at the very bottom of the list was:

“NONE! There’s no such thing!” as a bad EV!


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