Tesla Model S P85D “Teslaractioning” Videos: The New Internet Phenomenon Proving Tesla Doesn’t Need an Ad Budget

From the weird yet hypnotic Chocolate Rain to the Numa Numa Guy and the annoying Hamster Dance to countless, can’t-look-away Russian traffic crash compilations, the Internet has given birth to some rather unexplained Internet phenomena. And that’s before we look at all the wonderful spoofs and music videos to drain down the Internet’s many tubes.

There's fast, and then there's Tesla Model S P85D fast.

There’s fast, and then there’s Tesla Model S P85D fast.

But with just four weeks passed of twenty fifteen, we think there’s a new Internet phenomenon, one which is bound to raise a smile in anyone who watches it and proves that Californian automaker Tesla Motors really doesn’t need to spend any of its own money on advertising.

Behold the rapidly-growing phenomenon we’re going to call ‘Teslaractioning’: the act of filming and sharing the reactions of first-time passengers in a Tesla Model S P85D when its owner switches into its fabled ‘Insane’ mode. And as our friends over at Autobloggreen note, it makes old women swear like sailors.

We first noticed the phenomenon shortly after Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the dual-motor, super fast Tesla Model S P85D at a special reveal event in Hawthorne, California in October last year. Almost as soon as Musk had announced the dual-motor Tesla Model S and the new autonomous drive features being added as standard to every new Model S, short, shaky videos from Tesla fans lucky enough to attend the reveal appeared online.

Our very own columnist Electragirl even got in on the act, reporting her experiences her in here weekly column.

Then in late November and early December, around the time that the first Tesla Model S P85D cars were delivered, we began to see short reaction videos as owners subjected their loved ones, family members and colleagues to the almost 1g acceleration of the P85D for the first time.

One of our favourites came from a few weeks back, when a woman took her friend out in her new Tesla Model S P85D for the first time.

Now, Teslaractioning has become more sophisticated, with entire multi-minute mashups of cursing, smiles and breathless laughter caught on camera for the edification of millions. Like this one, for example, from well-known YouTube Channel Drag Times, which captures people’s reactions to the Tesla Model S’ famous ‘insane’ mode and its 0-60 mph time of just 3.1 seconds.

Here’s the NSFW version (which includes swearing)

And for those who prefer their reactions a little cleaner, the family-friendly, beeped version.

For the last few months, Drag Times has been sharing videos of the very same Tesla Model S P85D take on — and beat — some of the world’s most luxurious and sought-after sports cars and super cars, both on the drag strip and on the public highway.

As far as we’re concerned however, these reaction videos tell you all you need to know: the Tesla Model S P85D is more than fast enough to never get boring.

What’s more, the total number of views amassed on the Drag Times reaction videos: more than 1.5 million at the time of writing after just two days on line, proves that as long as fans are willing to make these kind of videos, Tesla won’t need to spend any money on fancy advertising or Super Bowl commercials.

There are others too, including this one from new Tesla owner, musician and video game director Raphael Colantonio.

This time, we’ll share the clean version first…

…and now the NSFW one.

As fun as these videos above are however, there’s still one Tesla reaction video we’re happy to leave at the top of our list, and it isn’t for the Tesla Model S P85D. Because at the end of the day, no number of laughing, shocked, cursing adults can ever match the cuteness that is three little girls and a Tesla Model S.

[youtube id=”D_UV08thMyI”]

Don’t you agree?


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