Transport Evolved Live Blog: Tesla’s Press Conference to End Range Anxiety in Electric Cars

Last year, we live-blogged the annual meeting of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission as they passed stringent new rules making it impossible for Tesla to sell direct to customers in the state of New York.

Those regulations were superseded yesterday by a new bill signed into law by Governor Chris Christie, yet again allowing Tesla to sell direct to customers in the Garden State.

Tesla Motors will push an over-the-air update for Model S cars to solve range anxiety, promises Elon Musk.

Tesla Motors will push an over-the-air update for Model S cars to solve range anxiety, promises Elon Musk.Today, we’ll find out how that will work.

So it seems fitting somehow that today we’re going to bring you another Live Blog courtesy of our friends over at This time however, we’ll be covering something we hope has a far more positive outcome for plug-in and future car fans around the world: the end to range anxiety.

Have you watched this week’s TEN yet? Do so here.

Announced over the weekend by Elon Musk on Twitter, we currently have no idea what the announcement will involve, but we do have virtual front-row seats for the Internet press conference at 9am Pacific — and we’ll be sharing all we can learn from it with you here.

Join in the fun live here at

Join in the fun live here at

Listen to a recording of the call here

You’ll find the LiveBlog window will automatically refresh with new content, so be sure to come back here at 9am Pacific (16:00 UTC) to follow the stream live. And if you’re a forgetful sort, why not add the event — and this URL — to your calendar so you don’t miss it?


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  • JohnCBriggs

    A lunch date it is then.

  • just someone old

    I think you are spot on with predictionn”addapted cruise”nn+ my guess : routing via superchargers if necessarynsharing of public chargestations used by Tesla-drivers

  • Ryan H

    These updates don’t effect the entire fleet. Those without supercharging or Nav won’t have access to these features, not to mention the non Autopilot equipped cars.

    • Michael Thwaite

      I got the sense that, non-supercharger cars will simply use home or public charging.

    • D. Harrower

      While I agree that Elon could have worded it better, every car will see some improvement from this update. Nav/Maps are apparently going to be a standard feature going forward as well.

  • Steven Alcorn

    So this Range Assurance addresses range anxiety for current owners more than prospective owners or critics. Any chance of an ECO mode to prioritize range over performance if one so chooses?

    • Michael Thwaite

      Nothing said however, IME, the range extension is best achieved by the driver. These ‘ECO’ accelerator damping modes are a bit of window dressing. What might work is an emergency mode that places a hard limit on speed and power in a last ditch attempt to get you home or charged.

      • D. Harrower

        The car already does this. When you are critically low (ie: below 0 miles remaining) it drops back the maximum allowed power several times and limits power to the HVAC before it finally has to shut down.

        • Michael Thwaite

          That’s a last ditch attempt though. I was thinking more, you have 50 miles to go and 40 predicted range. We all know that we can make that trip if we limit top speed less than we’ve been doing. I’d like to see that limiter kick in, perhaps with an override if I floor it or press some button but I’d rather arrive late and inconvenience a few fellow motorists than not arrive at all.

  • Ryan H

    There is a “Range Mode” that turns off cabin heating and uses seat heaters to maximize range. Doesn’t limit the throttle though.

    • Michael Thwaite

      I think that’s achieved dynamically through the right foot 🙂

  • just someone old

    Musk: Car looks up real-time list every 30 seconds for nSuperchargers. Communicates with the Supercharger and assesses their nstatus.nnnnow i understant why the big screen at Tesla HQ at Amsterdam with realtime statusreports of all superchargersnwas test of 6.2

  • space

    The Musk who cried wolf

    • Ryan H


  • Josh

    How does this affect people who are not near a supercharger station. Presumably, the people most worried about range issues. Also, 400 miles doesn’t seem like extra capacity if there are no charging station between starting point and destination, which is typically the case with rural areas.

    • 9Awesomeb .

      By the end of 2016, that will completely change. The SC network will cover 98% of people living in America. I’m not sure they will ever try to cover those last 2%. Possibly – especially if the company is doing well. I think what Musk meant was, if 98% of people live with 100 miles of a SC, and then of course, all Superchargers are like highways, they are all connected at around 200 miles apart), then more than 400 miles is wasted capacity because you will probably never use it (given the fact that 98% of people simply don’t drive for more than 6 hours straight (and yes, the 98% is just a made up number for example purposes – it’s somewhere above 95% I would bet).

  • Guest

    Ask him when the Android Tesla App will have feature parity with the iPhone App.

  • Kalle Centergren

    thank you for the live updating Nikki 🙂

  • just someone old

    nice conference, but I call the features nice evolutions, but not revolutions

    • 9Awesomeb .

      I agree. They are nice and very much needed – but not worthy of all the fanfare. Should have just called a press conference and said “we would like to announce some upcoming OTA updates that will be coming out.” I would bet that most people that don’t own a Tesla thought the car could already do all of these “range anxiety” things he talked about. It’s basically a “best route” feature if you ask me.

  • Michel Colman

    Range anxiety: people are afraid they might not make their destinationnSolution: car tells people they’re not going to make it.nElon’s such a genius! And THIS was what we were all getting excited about?nnOh, but there’s more: that autopilot functionality that was announced in october and would be implemented “in a few months”? Coming 6 months from now, i.e. about a year after it was announced. Maybe. But it gets better: the car may give warnings if it detects you are no longer holding the wheel. What?! You’re supposed to hold the wheel? Even a Mercedes C-class has that already, it’s called lane assist. Autopilot was supposed to be something new, better than what the competition was already offering, driving itself without you holding the wheel.nI’m pretty disappointed…

    • Michel Colman

      About having to hold the wheel, apparently I misunderstood that quote out of context: what he really said was that, if you are driving manually but somehow become incapacitated (asleep, heart attack,…), the car will detect this, issue a warning and then, if you don’t respond, take over by engaging lane keeping so you don’t go off the road. That’s actually a very good idea.

  • Thanks for the live blog! Watched it while running a 5K over lunch (east coast). Appreciate the news updates!

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  • Blake Anderson

    Transporting automobile long way is quite complex if you carry it driving the way. It is a few months and fuel getting procedure.