We Want YOU: Join the Transport Evolved Reader Rides Fleet and Share Your Evolved Transport Experiences

Regulars to the Transport Evolved site will note that we’ve been busy of late making some pretty important changes to the way in which we bring you the latest news in the world of cleaner, greener, safer and smarter transport.

Transport Evolved's Staff Car reports follow our cars: now we want to follow yours.

Transport Evolved’s Staff Car reports follow our cars: now we want to follow yours.

Aside from our site redesign, we’ve added some new sections that we’ll be populating in the coming months to help everyone from first-time visitors to regular readers get to the information they need as quickly as possible. And while we might have put our Transport Evolved News Panel Show on a temporary hiatus while we tweak some things at Transport Evolved Towers, we’ve got a brand-new studio and revamped format for our weekly flagship roundup show, T.E.N. 

Today, we’re announcing the latest great new feature we’re adding to our site: our Reader Rides section. And to bring it to reality, we need your help.

We don’t just drive the cars — we live with them every day

One of the ways Transport Evolved stands out from all the other news sites online is that everyone who regularly writes for us is not only authoritative in their field but also happens to own or regularly drive evolved transport.

We’re not just journalists who know the sphere we write about: we’re journalists who have the shared experience of future fuels and evolved transport that most sites can only dream about.

Want to join Electragirl and the rest of the staff fleet in our all-new Reader Rides section?

Want to join Electragirl and the rest of the staff fleet in our all-new Reader Rides section?

At the moment, that equates to a staff fleet which encompasses some of the most popular vehicles on the market today, including multiple Nissan LEAFs, a Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius hybrid, BMW i3, Tesla Roadster, Smart ForTwo ED and a Mitsubishi i-Miev. Past staff cars have included the funky Renault Twizy, the Ford Focus EV, and some other weird and whacky creations you’ve probably never heard of.

These days, our staff fleet has a heavy representation of plug-in vehicles, partly because they’re the most common of the evolved transportation technologies on the road today. As time progresses, expect other aspects of evolved transport technology — including self-driving and advanced driver assistance as well as other advanced fuels — represented on our staff fleet.

Now we want you to join us with your Reader Rides

As the number of different forms of evolved transport continues to grow, there’s no way we can live with every single type of vehicle on the market today. For a start, our company budget isn’t that large. Secondly, there are just too many different cars out there for us to cover.

So we’re on the lookout for contributors to our Reader Rides: a collection of advanced fuel and evolved transport vehicles owned by regular readers to Transport Evolved. By sharing your experiences — both good and bad — you’ll help to flesh out what life with an evolved piece of transport is like, giving would-be buyers essential information that you just can’t get from a week-long review or ten-minute test drive.

Do you fit the bill?

To be considered for the role of Reader Rides contributor, you’ll need to have some specific qualities. Firstly, you’ll need to have a passion for writing, and be willing to share your daily driving experiences in a fun and entertaining way. You’ll be equally as comfortable sharing the joy of a feature that just works with our readers as you are regaling us with yet another trip to the dealers to fix a continuous flaw with your vehicle.

You’ll also be someone who appreiates the detail of vehicle ownership, but can explain that detail in simple, easy-to-understand terms. You’ll keep records of your vehicle ownership experience for later recall, but you’ll also be happy to explain basic terminology in a way that doesn’t alienate those who are new to the sphere of advanced vehicle technology. Most importantly, you’ll be able to introduce our readers to new concepts and features unique to your vehicle without resorting to language that only a PhD candidate can understand.

You’ll need to be able to talk us through other connected aspects of ownership, from buying insurance through to buying aftermarket accessories and consumables.

From cruising down the highway to getting tires replaced, tell us all.

From cruising down the highway to getting tires replaced, tell us all.

Next, you’ll need to be willing to give up your time every month to keep us apprised of your ownership experience. As a minimum, we’d like all Reader Ride contributors to post a minimum of one 500-word post per month, up to as many posts as you — and we’re — happy with.

Finally, you’ll need to be fair and honest about your experiences. We’re not looking for advocates: we’re looking for contributors who are willing to see both sides of the coin when describing ownership, even if that means challenging their own views.

For example, if you’re an electric car owner, you’ll need to be willing to talk about that time you needed to rent a gasoline car for a long-distance trip because you couldn’t spare the time to stop and charge en-route just as happily as you’ll talk about the money you’ve saved by not visiting the gas station.

If you own a hydrogen fuel cell car, you’ll need to be as willing to talk about the trouble finding fuel on the open road as you will be knowing that your car only produces water at the tailpipe.

If you don’t own a car, we’re still willing to talk if you’re one of the growing number of people who uses multi-modal transport solutions and car-sharing schemes to make their world a greener, cleaner, smarter and safer place. So if you’re someone who mixes public transport, car sharing and two wheels to get around, we want to hear from you too.

Let’s talk

If you think you fit the bill, let’s talk. We’re looking for anyone who owns a future fuel or advanced vehicle, from a plug-in hybrid or electric car through to a hydrogen fuel cell car, compressed natural gas or even air-powered vehicle.

Kate and the iMiev

Help us build the best database of real-life ownership experiences we can.

We want to hear from people whose cars have advanced driver assist technologies they use on a daily basis. And eventually, we’ll want to hear from those with semi-autonomous vehicles. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle has two, three, four or more wheels. If you fit the bill, let’s talk.

Sadly, we can’t offer remuneration for your efforts, but we can offer our eternal editorial gratitude and of course, some social media love.

If you’ve got this far through our post and would like to talk, here’s what we’d like you to do.

First, write to us at our special email address: [email protected] to show your interest.  Include your vehicle (including make, model, and model year) and location in the subject header.

In the body of the email, we’d like you to introduce yourself and your vehicle in no more than two paragraphs, and give us one positive and one negative thing about your ownership experience thus far.

From daily drives to long-range road trips. Tell us all!

From daily drives to long-range road trips. Tell us all!

In your third paragraph, we’d like you to tell us about the last trip you made in your vehicle, and how that reflects your ownership experience.

You’ll also need to include a photograph of yourself and your Reader Ride — not necessarily the same photo, of course!

We’ll read through everyone’s submissions, and select a wide and varied group of contributors to join us. Successful applicants will then be given a quick 101 on our house style guide and some all-important dos and don’ts of Transport Evolved.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, and share your ownership experiences with the world!


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