Kittens + Tesla Model S: The Purrfect Story? Catastrophe Avoided Thanks to Alert Tesla Owner, Tesla Engineers

If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that there’s very little in the world that can’t be made better with a cute cat video. Double points if it’s a kitten. Triple points if it’s a kitten being rescued.

If our time in the automotive world has taught us anything, it’s that Tesla stories are clickbait gold.

So what about a story that combines the two? Is that enough to cause the Internet to halt in unison cries of “awwwwww!?”

This poor little guy (or girl) decided a Tesla Model S was home.

This poor little guy (or girl) decided a Tesla Model S was home.

We think our friends over at GreenCarReports are about to find out, after they shared this particular electrified tail of woe involving Tesla’s flagship Model S electric sedan and the cutest wibble kitty we’ve seen in a very long time. Oh yes you are…

Sorry. We digress. We’ll pick up the story courtesy of John Griswell, a Tesla Model S owner from Austin Texas, who to his amazement discovered that a feral kitten had done what all cats do, and found a warm place to curl up for the night. The problem? That warm place was hidden inside his Tesla Model S in the space between the motor and the suspension under the body of his car.

“On Saturday, I noticed something hanging from the bottom of my car while it was parked on an incline,” Griswell explained. ‘So I took a look and saw a paw hanging from the passenger rear-wheel well.”

“Thinking that I’d hit a dead cat and its paw was stuck up in there, I backed up the car to get a better look, and it was gone.”

Thinking he had just spotted a cat hiding underneath his parked car which had run off as soon as he moved the Model S, he thought nothing else of it, until later that night, meowing was heard coming from his garage.
“After searching around, I pointed a flashlight through the rear wheel and past the suspension and frame, and saw a pair of little eyes staring back at me,” he continued. “So we put out food and left the garage door open, hoping it would leave overnight.”

The kitten, not one to pass up either a warm place to live or free food, climbed out of the car overnight, ate the food, and then climbed back inside, so come Sunday, Griswell said they decided to up the ante, borrowing a live trap from a friend and placing some tempting tuna fish inside.

“This time the kitten came out, took a dump in the garage, left the tuna alone, and climbed back into the Tesla,” he recounts. “So on Monday morning I took the car to the Tesla Service Centre for help.”

None the worse for wear, the tiny kitten is off to a new home very soon.

None the worse for wear, the tiny kitten is off to a new home very soon.

At this point, we should probably note that driving a car with a kitten stuck somewhere inside isn’t perhaps the best course of action, but this plucky little pussy — which we presume was well through its nine lives — seemed to take the road trip without a problem.

Once at the Tesla Service Centre, the little stowaway was carefully and lovingly extracted from his or her hiding place behind the Model S’ floor pan cover, courtesy of Tesla’s finest service engineers. The video above shows the entire process.

Griswell says they’re now working on making the tiny tabby kitten a little less feral, and have already found someone to adopt it.

“She plans to give it a Tesla-themed name,” he said.

Our friends at GreenCarReports suggest Elon. We’d like to suggest Nikolai.

But what about you? What name would you give to a kitten trapped inside a Tesla Model S?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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