New Tesla Gigafactory 4k Drone Video Uploaded As New Internet Craze is Born

In the past few years as the price of both remote-control model aircraft and high-resolution cameras have dropped, we’ve seen an explosion of high-quality drone video footage as hobbyists and film makers alike free ultra-compact, ultra-high def cameras from the ground and send them skyward to film the world form a birds’ eye perspective.

The Tesla Gigafactory is best viewed from the air.

The Tesla Gigafactory is best viewed from the air.

And while it’s great to see the world from above, it’s always a little more interesting when there’s a reason for aerial footage other than being higher than a traditional human-operated camera can be. A reason like covering a sports event from above, or perhaps capturing an entire city as it struggles through another rush hour.

Or demonstrating just how massively vast a building like Tesla Motors’ [NASDAQ:TSLA] Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada really is.

A few weeks ago, we brought you the world’s first 4k ultra-high definition drone video of Tesla’s enormous lithium-ion battery manufacturing and recycling plant, which we enthused about for days.

Yesterday, another drone video was uploaded to video sharing site YouTube, courtesy of established Drone pilot ‘MyithZ‘.

No stranger to aerial photography, the hobbyist — who is a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and notes they always fly according to the regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Authority — has an impressive video portfolio many months log of past aerial photography expeditions, including  various trips to Apple’s infamous new ‘Donut’ campus construction project in Silicon Valley, as well as a flyby of various Californian landmarks.

His latest exploit? a 4k flyover of the Tesla Gigafactory, of course.

Having obtained permission form Tesla CEO Elon Musk an onsite Tesla Security to film the site from the air, MythiZ’s video — filmed with a Tarot 680 Pro Hex fitted with a GoPro Hero4 Black — lifts off from Tesla’s Gigafactory parking lot before treating us to some truly wonderful aerial footage of the site.

Like the last gigafactory video, this one is truly beautiful.

Like the last gigafactory video, this one is truly beautiful.

For the past year, construction has been taking place on the site, and we’ve slowly seen the massive structure of the Gigafactory rise from the desert floor. By the time it is finished next year, Tesla’s Gigafactory will become home to more than 6,500 employees, producing 35 gigawatt-hours of lithium-ion cells every year and 50 gigawatt-hours of battery packs for Tesla’s range of electric cars, including the Tesla Model S, Model X and upcoming Tesla Model .

The factory will also produce the lithium-ion battery packs needed for Tesla’s recently-announced range of Tesla Energy products.

Unlike the previous 4k video we’ve featured, this one, filmed way back on April 18, takes in a great deal of the other buildings present on the Tesla Gigafactory site, including its extensive mobile offices and helipad, as well as the single-stall Supercharger Tesla has installed next to its mobile construction offices. It’s not clear from this video if Tesla has electric cars on site to help shuttle visitors around, or if it just happens to have a Supercharger for official visitors to use when they arrive in their Tesla car, but either way we think it’s kind of neat.

There's even a Tesla Supercharger at the Gigafactory site -- but we're guessing it's not publicly-assessible.

There’s even a Tesla Supercharger at the Gigafactory site — but we’re guessing it’s not publicly-assessible.

We also note that the Supercharger isn’t listed on Tesla’s official Supercharger map, so we’d recommend Tesla Model S owners don’t assume it’s open for their own personal uses (the nearest listed public Superchargers to the Tesla Gigafactory are in Truckee, California and Lovelock, Nevada).

To enjoy this particular video in all its glory, you’ll need a high-resolution computer screen or 4k TV, but having seen the video in both standard 1080p and 4k resolutions, we think even those with non-4k equipment will enjoy the experience.

Which brings us to the growing number of Gigafactory drone videos now online. Pop a search into YouTube, and you’ll see a handful of other videos, all offering the viewer an unobstructed view of the massive 1,000-acre site from the air. Others are fly-by videos filmed by light aircraft or gliders, each with the expressed intent of watching the monumental facility take place.

Many, of course, are also Tesla Model S owners.

We can only expect the videos to continue as the Gigafactory reaches completion — and frankly, long may they continue.


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