2016 Chevrolet Volt Gas Mileage Figures Improve on GM Website, Then Switch Back

With order books now open in the state of California and production due to start in just over two months’ time, the all-new, second-generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric car will soon be a regular sight on dealer lots.

But while it’s only a few months away from going on sale, there are still a few things that have yet to be finalised, most noticeably the Volt’s official EPA gas mileage figures.

Does the 2016 Chevrolet Volt have a better fuel economy than previously thought?

Does the 2016 Chevrolet Volt have a better fuel economy than previously thought?

That won’t happen until the EPA approves Chevrolet’s submitted gas mileage figures — something which usually happens in the final few weeks or days before a car goes on sale. But as HybridCars (via Autobloggreen) detail, GM may have accidentally posted revised gas mileage figures on its website which suggested that the 2016 Volt will get a better gas mileage than previously predicted.

Officially, GM is stating that the Volt is expected to get 41 miles per gallon in gasoline range-extended mode, and 102 miles per gallon equivalent when operating in all-electric mode. Yet on June 11 for a short period, fans of the Volt noticed that those specs had been quietly updated to show a fuel economy of 43 mpg in gasoline mode and a fuel economy of 106 MPGe in electric mode. Moreover, the site this information had been changed on wasn’t the main customer site but GM’s online media portal.

In addition, the vehicle’s total range had been changed from 420 miles to 430 miles, while power and torque was also changed from 149 horsepower and 294 pound-feet to 150 horsepower and 293 pound-feet of torque.

While the revised figures were only online for a short period of time, it was long enough for fans over at the GM-Volt.com forum to notice the change and an excited three-page forum post to quickly pop up, with some of the forum members noticing other differences between the posted specification and previous specifications.

Shortly after the chatter surrounding the new specifications begun however, GM reverted some of the specifications for the 2016 volt on its official media portal.

GM changed the official specs of the Volt -- then changed them back again.

GM changed the official specs of the Volt — then changed them back again.

“We have not finalised numbers yet. We expect to announce [them] in July,” said GM spokeswoman Michelle Malcho in an email to HybridCars. “The MOL number was posted in mistake and not a final number,” she continued.

At the time of writing, the official specifications for the 2016 Volt detail a gas mileage of 41 mpg in gasoline mode — back to the original GM figure — but all-electric fuel economy is listed at 106 MPGe — the revised figure.

Range is still listed as being 430 miles too. Take away the 50-miles of claimed EV range, and you’re left with 380 miles, which when divided by the 8.9 gallon gasoline tank listed in the specifications equals around 43 mpg, leading some credence to claims that the temporary, accidentally-updated figures could be the ones currently awaiting approval with the EPA.

Naturally, we’ll have to wait until the EPA approves those figures to know for sure, but given the hype already surrounding the 2016 Volt, we’re sure this extra efficiency will just help push demand higher.


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