Nissan Extends its Exclusive Deal as Automotive Sponsor for National Drive Electric Week Thru 2017

It started as a single day celebrating the joys of plug-in car ownership at many different events across the U.S.  From an original event which covered 29 different cities in the U.S. it quickly spread to include 150 locations across the globe, becoming an International phenomenon.

National Drive Electric Week will continue to be sponsored by Nissan through 2017.

National Drive Electric Week will continue to be sponsored by Nissan through 2017.

Then Plug In America’s National Drive Electric Day — organised in collaboration with the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association — became Drive Electric Week, dedicating a whole week to events designed to educate people to switch from an internal combustion engine car to a plug-in one by providing all the information and expertise needed to make an informed buying choice about their next car.

As well as help more people than ever before experience a plug-in car up close and personal, the event allows everyday owners — the best advocates for plug-in cars — to share their own stories about life with a plug-in car, something both advocates and industry professionals agree is the best way to encourage ‘more bums in seats’.

National Drive Electric Week attracts all sorts of electric vehicles

National Drive Electric Week attracts all sorts of electric vehicles and their owners.

A supporter of Plug In America’s efforts since its LEAF electric cart the market in 2011, Japanese automaker Nissan has been National Drive Electric Week’s exclusive automotive sponsor since 2013, helping Plug In America celebrate electric cars and plug-in hybrids in style. And on Friday, the automaker renewed its exclusive automotive sponsorship of the annual event through 2017.

“Nissan is a driving force in the plug-in vehicle industry, with the top-selling electric vehicle, Nissan LEAF, and with investments in charging infrastructure and consumer education,” said Tom Saxton, Transport Evolved regular and Plug In America’s Program Manager for National drive Electric Week. “Nissan’s support of National Drive Electric Week helps Plug In America with our efforts to rapidly increase adoption of EVs of all kinds in cities across the U.S.”

A national non-profit organisation devoted to accelerating the shift to plug-in vehicles, Plug In America conceived national Drive Electric Week, and also regularly works with other organisations and companies large and small to educate and promote the transition towards renewable, sustainable plug-in vehicles.

For Nissan, the decision to continue with its sponsorship of National Drive Electric Week was a logical one given the success of past Drive Electric Events and its position as manufacturer of the world’s most successful electric car.

“From the moment we launched the Nissan LEAF, we quickly found that LEAF owners are our best salespeople,” said Andrew Speaker, Director of Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing. “We are continuing to support National Drive Electric Week because this event helps bring owners of LEAF and other EVs together to share their experiences and educate consumers on the benefits of driving electric cars.”

National Drive Electric Week will take place this fall between September 12 through September 20. You can find more about the events in your area or help take part in arranging one by visiting Plug In America’s dedicated National Drive Electric Week website.


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