Tesla Model S Electric Car Passes 1 Billion Miles Travelled Since Launch Three Years Ago

It might not seem like it, but it’s just over six years since Tesla Motors unveiled its Model S luxury electric sedan to the world for the first time. Yesterday also happened to mark the three-year anniversary since the keys to the first ten production Tesla Model S cars were handed over to customers at a special event at Tesla’s Fremont factory in California.

Collectively, Tesla Model S cars around the world have just clocked up 1 billion miles.

Collectively, Tesla Model S cars around the world have just clocked up 1 billion miles.

In the intervening time, nearly 75,000 Tesla Model S electric sedans have been built and sold, making practical long-distance electric car road trips a reality for owners around the world for the very first time. And thanks to Tesla’s rapidly expanding network of proprietary Supercharger quick charging stations, where customers can add up to 170 miles of range to their cars’ battery packs in just 30 minutes, the cumulative miles traveled by Tesla Model S cars has just tipped over the one billion mile mark.

That’s according to Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA], which revealed the milestone in an official press release earlier this morning.

It’s a milestone that GM celebrated last year when its Chevrolet Volt passed 1 billion collective miles accrued since its market launch in late 2010. Nissan, maker of the LEAF electric car, celebrated passing the 1 billion kilometre (621,371,192 mile) mark last fall, but as far as we’re aware, it has yet to cross the 1 billion mile mark.

Like most other electric cars on the market today, every Tesla-built Model S features on-board telematics, allowing Tesla and its customers to remotely monitor the total number of miles traveled by its cars. Unlike other plug-in cars we’ve driven — many of which have notoriously inaccurate telematics systems and can often loose track of a vehicle’s correct odometer reading — Tesla’s on-board telematics system is known for its accuracy and always-on Internet connection. In addition to providing unparalleled levels of remote monitoring and in-car Internet-connected entrainment and information options, the Tesla Model S telematics system is designed so that Tesla can remotely upgrade a car’s operating system via an over-the-air update, adding extra functionality without needing an expensive hardware upgrade.

For those struggling to grasp how far 1 billion miles is, Tesla has helpfully provided some tangible figures to exemplify the distances involved. 1 billion kilometres miles, we’re told, is the same as driving 40,000 times around the Earth, or making 4,000 trips to the moon.

Tesla has lots planned for its Model S, including autonomous driving via its over-the-air update system.

Tesla has lots planned for its Model S, including autonomous driving via its over-the-air update system.

To celebrate the accomplishment, Tesla says it will be taking some of its Model S cars on a Summer Test Drive Tour across North America, Europe and Asia, bringing the luxury sedan to eager fans around the world. In addition to offering test drives of its flagship Tesla Model S P85D and recently launched Tesla Model S 70D dual-wheel drive models, we’re sure some of Tesla’s Test Drive Tour staff will end up meeting plenty of Tesla’s existing customers at the 448 Tesla Supercharger sites and 2,485 Supercharger stalls it has located around the world.

Since its initial launch in 2012, the Tesla Model S has undergone several important changes in its short history, starting first with the elimination of the 40 kilowatt-hour model due to limited demand alongside the 60 kilowatt-hour and 85 kilowatt-hour models. More recently, Tesla has improved the Model S range further, adding dual-motor, all-wheel drive capability to the Model S family, first with the Model S 85D and P85D last October and then more recently this spring with the 70D — which took over from the now discontinued Tesla Model S 60  as Tesla’s entry-level model.

Later this year, Tesla will improve the Model S family further, adding basic autonomous driving (auto pilot) functionality to any car built after October last year via an over-the-air software update.

Do you own a Tesla Model S? How far have you travelled since buying it, and where have you gone?

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