Tesla Delivers 11,507 Model S Electric Sedans During Q2, Quarterly Sales Report Details

Following its announcement earlier this year that it would start to release quarterly global sales estimates a few days after the end of the preceding quarter, Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] announced at the end of last week that it delivered a total of 11,507 Model S electric sedans during Q2 of 2015, lifting its estimated sales total for the first half of this year to 21,537 vehicles.

Tesla Motors has delivered an estimated 11,507 cars during Q2, 2015.

Tesla Motors has delivered an estimated 11,507 cars during Q2, 2015.

In an official press release detailing the estimated figures, Tesla Motors said that the figures represented a ‘new company record’ for the most cars delivered in any one quarter, representing a 52-percent increase over Q2, 2014.

Sadly, Tesla doesn’t provide a breakdown of where in the world those 11,507 cars went. For that, we’ll have to wait until Tesla releases its Q2 earnings report. That will happen some time towards the end of July and will include official delivery figure calculations for Q2 rather than the estimate Tesla provides at the end of the quarter.

That estimate, notes Tesla is usually accurate to within 1 percent, but in order to be counted in an official earnings report, all the necessary paperwork must be present and correct. (Sales made at the very end of a quarter sometimes end up being counted in the succeeding quarter on account of the necessary paperwork not being completed at the end of the quarter in question.)

Earlier this year, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk predicted that the Californian firm should be capable of hitting a 55,000 vehicle sales target for the end of 2015, leaving it with 33,463 vehicles to deliver in the second half of the year in order to meet that target .

That represents a significant increase in both sales and production towards the end of the year, but it’s worth noting that Tesla expects to begin deliveries of its Model X crossover SUV  in Q4 this year, and is currently putting the 7-seat all-electric luxury SUV through its final validation process ahead of the start of mass-production this fall.

The Model X, due to go on sale in the fall, will increase Tesla's sales for the year -- but we've yet to see the production version.

The Model X, due to go on sale in the fall, will increase Tesla’s sales for the year — but we’ve yet to see the production version.

Assuming Tesla can ramp up production of the vehicle in reasonably short order, it could easily account for somewhere around 10,000 vehicles, assuming a steady production volume of Tesla Model S sedans at the same time.  But we think there’s likely to be an increase in deliveries of Model S sedans in the coming months, with right-hand drive markets like the UK due to officially launch the Tesla Model S 85D, P85D and 70D dual-motor models later this year.

For overseas markets too, there’s a significant delay between manufacture and delivery as cars are shipped around the globe. Even though a car may have been produced in one quarter, it may not be delivered for some time due to the time it takes to ship cars globally.

Tesla began detailing quarterly sales figures earlier this year to help counteract the trend towards wildly inaccurate estimates being made on various fan sites and blogs, but still refuses to provide monthly sales data or region-specific breakdowns of sales reports.


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