Breaking: Tesla Motors to Make Surprise Webcast Today at 18:00 UTC, 11AM PDT Is This the Model X?

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Usually, when a company wants to make an official press announcement or hold a streamed event, it tends to give at least a week’s notice. Indeed, a company announcing a press event with less notice can often find itself scrambling for media attention.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk will be making a special web announcement later today.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk will be making a special web announcement later today.

But like fellow Silicon Valley company Apple, when Californian automaker Tesla Motors announces a live webcast, the world’s press snap to attention — even if it’s at incredibly short notice.

And that’s exactly what’s happening right now, with the surprise announcement from Palo Alto that Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] CEO Elon Musk will be hosting a global, Internet-streamed press conference today at 18:00 UTC (11am Pacific).

The invite — sent to all British press by Tesla Motors UK — is particularly enigmatic and gives no information other than the date and URL where journalists can join the press conference.

We’ve reached out to Tesla for further clarification, but at the moment, we’ve been told that no other information is available at this time, only that Tesla is keen not to ‘steal Elon’s thunder’ on this particular announcement.

Are we about to see the production Model X for the first time?

Are we about to see the production Model X for the first time, or perhaps the Tesla Model ?

We can tell you that the call is a global one and will be relevant to ‘all markets,’ with regional specific information due after the conference for journalists in particular markets.

What’s the announcement about? At the moment we’re completely in the dark, but if we had to guess, we think one of three possibilities are likely.

Either tonight’s event will debut the production-ready Tesla Model X for the first time, detailing final specification, price and ordering information, or it will debut  Tesla’s as-yet unreleased affordable Tesla Model to the world for the first time. 

A third possibility could be an announcement detailing official rollout plans for Tesla’s next-generation operating system (version 7.0) for all Tesla Model S cars, which will include autonomous driving capabilities as standard.

As always, we — and the rest of the automotive world — will be paying close attention to find out for ourselves in just under seven hours’ time, and we’ll be providing full coverage via our usual Tesla announcement liveblog.


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