ElectraGirl: National Drive Electric Week – A Week Full of Electric Vehicles.

Saturday 22nd August 2015

This year National Drive Electric Week will take place from the 12th – 20th September 2015 across the US, Canada and even Hong Kong. Most of the events are mainly organised by volunteers like me. This year there are currently 147 events being held during the week – a number that is still climbing.

We partake in National Drive Electric Week as we become part of a nationwide event to highlight the availability of Electric Vehicles. National Drive Electric Week is all about plug in Electric Vehicles, it’s about showing them off to the public, taking the public out for test drives and talking – make that a lot of talking!

Test drives have become ever more important. Plug In America recently reported that 12% of people that took test drives in cars last year went on to purchase an electric car later in the year. That’s huge and, it goes to show that all of our efforts are starting to pay off.

We love talking to people about how much fun Electric Vehicles are to drive, how easy they are to own and how it’s great waking up every morning to a full battery and never having to visit a petrol station – ever.

This year we have two events organised. One in Madison, NJ and one in Morristown, NJ. Should you find yourself in the area then please do stop by and say hello and if you know in advance that you can attend then please sign up here: Madison, NJ or Morristown, NJ

National Drive Electric Week first began in 2011 and was originally called National Plug In Day.
My sidekick attended National Plug in Day back in 2011 with his Tesla Roadster. Back then the closet event was in NYC on Pier 54.

Checking out the EnerTrac Electric Bike

Checking out the EnerTrac Electric Bike

Fast forward to 2015 and the number of events being organised has increased significantly. In 2013 we organised one event and in 2014 two events. I’d actually like to organise more events for the week but my time is, unfortunately limited.

These events do take a lot of work and organisation but they are always fun. We get to talk to a lot of people and hopefully change at least one mind or two on the reasons why their next car purchase should be an electric one. I mean after all why wouldn’t you? They are just so much fun to drive as we zoom, zoom, zoom around town, ever so quietly!

Will you be planning or going to an event?


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  • RobSays

    “Never having to visit a petrol station – ever”? What about necessities
    like beer and snacks! I also get a laugh from all the odd looks I get
    when I pull up to the pumps in my Leaf. Right before I get the gas cans
    out of the back for my lawn mower & trimmer. Priceless.

    • Electra Girl

      We went all electric including the lawn mower and trimmer – no reason to ever go to a petrol station.

  • jeffsongster

    I have been attending for years now… and these events are a blast. I try to attend as many as I can in the 2 weekends to add numbers and info for the vendors and the new folks. Be there and volunteer or just have fun checking out the new cars and hanging out with nice folks who are also interested in helping save the planet with new and homebuilt EVs.

  • EV Advocates

    Hi Electra Girl! When’s the National Drive Electric Week this year?