As Launch Date for All-Electric Tesla Model X SUV Nears, Pre-Orders For Tesla’s Latest Car Soar

In just under three weeks’ time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk will hand over keys to a handful of lucky Tesla Model X reservation holders at a special gala event held at Tesla’s Fremont factory. The lucky recipients — likely to be somewhere between five and ten customers — will have waited more than three years for their new cars after placing a hefty $40,000 deposit down to be a Model X Signature Series owner several years ago.

Nearly 27,000 Model X reservation holders have signed up for a Model X so far.

Nearly 27,000 Model X reservation holders have signed up for a Model X so far.

While the limited-production Model X Signature Series cars have been sold out for many months now however, Tesla has been steadily collecting regular Model X reservations ever since February 2012. With the Model X production date in flux for the majority of the past three years however, we’d guess many would-be customers have refrained from putting down the required $5,000 deposit to secure their place in the queue for a regular production Model X, choosing instead to wait until a firm production date had been set before parting with that sizable chunk of cash.

At least, that’s what appears to have happened, with the claim from one Tesla fan that last month Model X reservations broke all previous Model X reservation records.

As Teslarati (via Autobloggreen) reports, Tesla Motors Club member Paul Carter from Vancouver, BC. has been tallying Model X reservation totals for years. Using online forums and word-of-mouth when someone places a deposit down, Paul has a rather impressive set of statistics estimating just how many potential customers have put their names down.

As of August 21, Paul’s figures estimate a total of 26,892 Model X cars had been reserved, including the 1,000 or so signature series special edition models. More importantly, the rate at which reservations are being made have increased from a mean 24 cars per day to a monthly mean of more than 58 cars per day during August.

That increase, we’d guess, is down to confirmation from Tesla during late July that Model X would begin deliveries on September 29, putting the minds of both investors and potential customers at rest.

Paul Carter from the Tesla Motors Club, has kept meticulous records.

Paul Carter from the Tesla Motors Club, has kept meticulous records.

While the figures haven’t been confirmed or denied in any way by Tesla, a Tesla representative admitted to us earlier today that interest in the Model X was certainly ramping up but declined to detail specific figures.

Without any specific figures, the data is at best only indicative of general trends rather than actual confirmed orders. But there are a couple of important points to note with Paul’s data set which give us some significant optimism about them.

Back in December last year, Tesla confirmed that it had ‘roughly’ 20,000 Model X reservations, a figure which is spot on with Paul’s own tally. Since then, his meticulous record-keeping skills have tallied an additional 6,892 orders through the end of August. While the total number of cars reserved since February 2012 now totals a gross of nearly 31,195 cars, there have been 4,303 reservation cancellations recorded so far, bringing the net totals to nearer 27,000 Model X cars to date.


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