Mission Motorcycles Files for Bankruptcy, Dashes Dreams of Fans

One of the best bits about covering the emerging world of clean, green transportation is that we get to spend time drooling over some pretty amazing vehicles. Some are made by newcomers eager to change the world of transportation forever. Others are made by firms known for their less environmentally-conscious models of years gone by.

Some are simply dreams penned on paper or lovingly crafted by hand as unique one-off prototypes — and without too many exceptions, we enjoy examining and discussing them all, good and bad.

It cost more than a Nissan LEAF, and offered superbike performance -- but now its likely dead forever.

It cost more than a Nissan LEAF, and offered superbike performance — but now its likely dead forever.

But one of the worst bits of our chosen profession comes when a company with an amazing product fails to bring it to market, disappearing without trace into the history books.

And so it is with great sadness that we report the bankruptcy of Mission Motorcycles, a company whose super-sexy electric motorcycle had everything going for it, save the funds it needed to reach mass-production.

As Autobloggreen reports, the electric motorcycle manufacturer has supposedly filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Protection, putting an end to its hopes of being the Tesla Motors of the two-wheeled kingdom. Funds are so strapped, it reports, that the firm can’t even afford to pay its legal team.

Stunning in its design, the original Mission One produced by Mission Motorcycles was fast, nimble, and showed itself to wonderfully competent on the Isle of Man TT race track where it managed a forth-place in the annual 2009 Isle of Mann TTXGP electric race.

Its success on the race track not only helped it become a well-known steed among the motorcycle community but also among plug-in fans. Indeed, as Autobloggreen notes, the electric motorcycle track record at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in California — where the annual all-electric ReFuel track day takes place — remains unbeaten since the Mission One broke it during its only appearance at the event in 2011.

Would it have been the Tesla of the motorcycle world? Well never know.

Would it have been the Tesla of the motorcycle world? Well never know.

News of the company shut down is hardly new to those in the motorcycle world, who have been keeping death watch on the U.S. company for more than a year. Indeed, last year, Mission Motorcycles CEO Mark Seeger promised that the company should be shipping its first production motorcycles — the limited-production $58,000+ Mission Motors RS  and mainstream Mission Motors R–  to early customers by the end of 2014.

A year later and not a single motorcycle has been delivered — and from what we gather, most reservation holders have given up hope.

And that’s a big shame, because the Mission Motors RS promised a range of 200 miles and a total power output of 120 kilowatts, something which could have easily won it the same kind of attention as the Tesla Roadster or Tesla Model S in the plug in world.


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