Owner Advice: Got a Nissan LEAF Electric Car? CARWINGS Will Become NissanConnect EV on September 29

Depending on whom you ask, Nissan’s CARWINGS telematics portal for the Nissan LEAF electric car and e-NV200 electric minivan is either a must-have feature for the aspiring Nissan electric vehicle owner or a complete and utter headache.

Carwings will soon become NissanConnect EV

Carwings will soon become NissanConnect EV

For some, the CARWINGS system has worked flawlessly since they purchased their electric vehicle, allowing them to remotely check on their car’s state of charge, start and stop the climate control, and even send a route map to their car from the comfort of their home. For others, Carwings bluntly refuses to connect to Nissan’s servers, fails to display up-to-date information about an owner’s car, and sends drivers to phantom charging stations which have either never existed or are long-since gone.

Like it or loathe it however, Nissan’s CARWINGS system is about to get an update — and it will happen in just under two weeks’ time.

Coming hot on the heels of the announcement of the brand-new 2016 Nissan LEAF SL and 2016 Nissan LEAF SV — which include an all-new telematics system and larger 30 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack for up to 107 miles of EPA-approved range — Nissan has begun to notify existing LEAF owners via its existing CARWINGS portal of the change.

The notification is simple and to the point and comes in the form of an overlaid message which owners must manually close to access the usual CARWINGS portal.

Inaccurate Carwings

Carwings’ online portal and smartphone apps have developed a reputation for providing inaccurate or no data at all to drivers.

It reads as follows:

We’re moving! On Setpember 29th, the LEAF Owner Portal is merging with the Nissan Owner portal, plus there’s a new name and app for CARWINGS. Starting on September 29th, when you click the link for the LEAF Owner Portal, you will be taken to the Nissan Owner Portal, where you will see the new name for CARWINGS, NissanConnect EV. Log in with your current username and password and follow the prompts to complete the registration process, including selecting an email address as your username. Then you’ll be all set to manage your LEAF on the new site! The NissanConnect EV smartphone app will be pushed out in early October if your phone is set for automatic updates, or you’ll receive a notification if it’s set for manual updates.

The merging of the existing CARWINGS system with the NissanConnect EV system should help address some of the reliability issues that existing Nissan LEAF and Nissan e-NV200 customers have experienced over the past five years. Yet while the system gets a new name, there’s no indication that additional functionality will be available for LEAF customers.

As with any live upgrade process, we’d expect some hiccups as the system transitions to NissanConnect EV from CARWINGS, but for most users the process should be completely seamless.

What’s not clear however is how the many and various third-party apps developed to connect to CARWINGS — including apps for smartphones, wearables, home automation systems and development kits for various coding languages — will cope with the change.

At the moment, that specific information is not known, but you can be sure we’ll let you know more as soon as we do.

In the meantime, if you have a Nissan LEAF and CARWINGS account, it’s probably worth preparing yourself for the switch.


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  • Mark Benjamin David

    hey Nikki, somewhat off-topic question: in the UK the e-NV200 uses the same drivetrain as the Leaf, is that correct? I’m wondering if the new battery will give Nissan the ability to offer the e-NV200 in the USA…I mean, I see 2 problems selling the e-NV200 here in the states 1) consumers want higher safety ratings than the UK version gets. 2) Range is lower than the Leaf, as I recall? So, it would be a hard-sell here, but, the improvement in range with the new battery could help. … In any case, I think Nissan could sell many e-NV200’s to commercial fleets and taxi services.

    • vdiv

      Nissan already has the gas version, the NV200 running about the States so introducing the electric version will not be a huge burden. There is a market for small utility vans as Ford is selling a whole bunch of their new Transit Connect.

      • The reason, apparently, is that the range of the e-NV200 just wouldn’t meet U.S. Expectations of what an electric car should do, especially as a minivan.

        The e-NV200 uses the same motor and battery pack in Europe as the leaf, although final gearing is different. As I understood it, the e-NV200 would need larger range (perhaps that 30 kWh pack) before it would be possible to sell stateside.

        But here’s one other thought that isn’t often voiced: Nissan and GM share a common platform for the NV200 and Chevy City Express. (It’s the same vehicle, with a different badge). I’m wondering if there’s some competition for the commercial segment coming into play also?

        • vdiv

          The e-NV200 battery pack was a bit different, it had an A/C evaporator and a blower fan inside the case for active cooling. That can be rather useful in the States. I think there is a market even with a 60-mile range.

  • Gavin Olukoju

    I have been noticing issues with Carwings timing out in the UK, with this Nissan Connect EV update be international? Specifically the UK ,or just a US update?

  • Pepsi

    Quick recommendation: The pebble app for Nissan Lead is easier and more accessible, It’s kind of cool to start the AC system using the smartwatch.


  • Leslie Smith

    Thanks Nikki, you gave us more information than Nissan Australia 🙁