Official: EPA Rates Tesla Model X 90D SUV With 257-Mile Range at 92 MPGe

With deliveries of the Tesla Model X crossover SUV due to start this evening at a special gala event in Fremont, California, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has posted official fuel economy ratings for the full-size SUV.

For the high-end Tesla Model X P90D — which forms the basis of the Tesla Model X Signature Series models we’ll see handed over tonight to a handful of lucky owners by Tesla CEO Elon Musk — the EPA rates the all-electric crossover as having a range of 250 miles per charge. Fuel economy meanwhile, is measured at 89 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) combined.

The flagship Tesla Model X P90D will travel 250 miles per charge, while the Model X 90D will manage 257

The flagship Tesla Model X P90D will travel 250 miles per charge, while the Model X 90D will manage 257

That model, which can rocket from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds with standard equipment (or 3.2 seconds when fitted with the optional $10,000 performance upgrade) is designed for outright acceleration and speed rather than range. But as we correctly predicted earlier today, the standard Tesla Model X 90D — which sacrifices the insanely fast 0-60 time of models with the p-prefix — manages a little more range per charge.

That model, says the EPA, manages 257 miles per charge at an overall combined gas mileage of 92 MPGe.

The difference in range between the two variants shows how hard Tesla has worked to get the range of its flagship Model X as high as possible without sacrificing performance. Based on the various spy shots and pre-production images we’ve seen of the Model X, we’d guess a large proportion of that impressive range is down to the active spoiler system on the Model X’s tailgate. Designed to lift and fold automatically, it helps create a smooth air flow around the luxury car, reducing the effects of drag at speed and therefore improving efficiency.

The ratings from the EPA say it all.

The ratings from the EPA say it all.

But those official economy figures for the new Model X could cause a great degree of indecision among reservation holders desperately trying to figure out which of the various Model X options to order for their car. Indeed, with just 7 miles difference between the Tesla Model X 90D and Tesla Model X P90D, we’d guess most reservation holders will stump up the extra cash to opt for the P90D — unless of course they really need those extra 7 miles or can’t afford the price increase by jumping up a model.

That active spoiler has probably helped the Model X achieve its impressive range.

That active spoiler has probably helped the Model X achieve its impressive range.

Which brings us nicely to the rest of the Model X range. At the time of writing, official ratings haven’t been released for any other Model X variants, but it’s worth noting that like the Tesla Model S launch back in 2012, Tesla will likely focus on producing its high-end model for several weeks or perhaps even months before it begins to work on more affordable models.

Like the Model S, those models will come, but given what we’re seeing for the higher-end Model X, we’d expect ranges of between 200 and 240 miles per charge, depending on battery pack capacity.

That means rating for the Tesla Model X 70D or Model X 85D — if indeed Tesla is planning to offer such vehicles — won’t be released until Tesla is ready to bring those vehicles to market.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ll be covering the live event tonight, so be sure to drop by to join us.


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