Did Elon Musk Say Too Much? Tesla CEO Deletes Tweets Pertaining to Model Y and Falcon Doors

As the kind of folks who practically live on the Internet, we know all-too-well that anything said on the Internet stays on the Internet — even if you try really hard to erase its existence after the fact.

Given his tech-savy background and connected lifestyle, you’d think that Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk would also know that rule only too well, especially when detailing information about the Californian automaker.

Elon's been busy on Twitter -- but he's since deleted several of his Model X, Model 3, and Model Y Tweets.

Elon’s been busy on Twitter — but he’s since deleted several of his Model X, Model 3, and Model Y Tweets.

Just like politicians deleting inappropriate tweets however, Mr. Musk has been caught deleting a handful of posts on his favorite social media platform Twitter in which he drops some pretty big hints about the way those Falcon Wing doors on the Tesla Model X works, as well as Tesla’s plans to include those same high-tech doors on either the upcoming Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y.

As our eagle-eyed tipster Brian Henderson explains, Musk was in fine form at the weekend, happily tweeting about the recently-launched Model X. Sharing a link from a CNN article describing Tesla Model X door operation in tight spaces, Musk noted that “above 6 2′ ft, my height :), doors work fine.”

Henderson, ever curious, asked Musk if the Model X was intelligent enough to operate alongside other Tesla Model X cars.

Musk had originally responded in the stream as the screen shot below shows,saying that “they will recognize [the other car] as a Model X and open accordingly.” At the same time, Musk happily continued the discussion with other Twitter followers, responding to one twitter follower who said that they were hopeful the Model 3 would come with the same falcon wing doors. In response, Musk was quick to confirm a future Tesla car would have the same falcon wing doors — but didn’t say which. (Because the tweet below has now been deleted, it won’t appear quite like the usual twitter ones above).

Other deleted tweets talked about a future Model X with 70 kilowatt-hour battery — due in about a year’s time — as well as the aim that the Model E would have neighborhood self-driving capabilities.

We're not sure what prompted Musk to delete the tweets --but we suspect it's going to have something to do with company secrets.

We’re not sure what prompted Musk to delete the tweets –but we suspect it’s going to have something to do with company secrets.

Musk even took the time out to tell a Model X fan that a roof rack could still be fitted to the Model X, despite having those massive falcon wing doors on top.

Yet almost as quickly as they went up, nearly all of the hints pertaining to future Tesla Model 3, Model Y and future business plans disappeared.

Only a google cache of the content remains.

Like other sites, we’re unsure exactly why Elon Musk deleted the tweets so hurriedly the day after making them. With Twitter as Musk’s favorite social media site, we’re pretty sure Musk knows that anything uttered under the little blue bird quickly spreads around the Internet.

Then again, we — as other outlets have noted over the years — know that Musk is prone to being perhaps a little too free when it comes to disclosing information on that particular site, especially late in the evening.

We’ll never know if that was the case for Saturday’s tweets, or indeed if it was some cunning social media plan to keep the Tesla buzz going, but there’s one thing we do know: Tesla’s Model X falcon wing doors have been a huge success, and everyone wants more of them.


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