Long Term Review: Chargepoint Home Smart Electric Car Charging Station

One of the unique things which helps Transport Evolved stand out from the competition is that our entire editorial team, along with the majority of our regular contributors, not only write about future car technology but live it too.

Indeed, at our last editorial count, we had a total of seven different clean fuel vehicles on our fleet, ranging from several Nissan LEAFs through to a Mitsubishi i-Miev, Smart ForTwo ED, Toyota Prius, Tesla Roadster and BMW i3.  Privately owned by various members of the Transport Evolved team, our fleet allows us to test the kind of things that most publications can only dream about in order to help you make the very best purchase decision you can about your next evolved transport.

We'll be putting the recently-launched ChargePoint Home through its paces very soon.

We’ll be putting the recently-launched ChargePoint Home through its paces very soon.

And that’s why we’re proud to announce the start of some long-term reviews of various pieces of associated electric car technology in the coming few months, including a number of different electric car charging stations.

Every month, we’ll give you a quick update on how our review units are coping with everyday life, as well as give you some pointers that could help you should you decide to make a purchase decision in the future.

So to start, we’re proud to announce the arrival of our first long-term review unit: the ChargePoint Home EV Charging station.

For those familiar with the name, ChargePoint is an established brand in the electric vehicle infrastructure world, having spent many years in the corporate world, offering a range of public charging stations and charging station management services to small, medium and large-scale businesses.

Since we’re focusing on one of its new domestic charge stations, we’re not going to go into ChargePoint’s innovative business model, which involves giving businesses full control over how much they charge customers to charge their cars, or if it’s going to be offered free of charge to patrons. Needless to say however, we hope ChargePoint’s many years of building and maintaining electric car charging stations comes into play with its all-new ChargePoint Home EV system.

Available from $499 with a variety of different cable lengths, power capabilities and mounting options, the ChargePoint Home EV can supply up to 6.6 kilowatts of charging power via the included J1772 Type 2 charge connector to charge a car like the 2015 Nissan LEAF SL from empty to full in a little under four hours.

But what makes the ChargePoint Home EV particularly interesting is the smartphone connectivity offered as standard as part of the charging unit.

The ChargePoint Home also claims compatibility with the Nest Thermostat.

The ChargePoint Home also claims compatibility with the Nest Thermostat.

As we explained earlier this year, ChargePoint has designed the ChargePoint Home EV to integrate with today’s modern interconnected lifestyle. With WiFi capabilities out of the box, this particular charging station can hook up with your home’s wireless Internet connection to keep itself updated with the latest software, monitor charging via the ChargePoint smartphone app, and track energy total usage over the past week, month, or year.

ChargePoint also says the Home EV can be programmed to work with your NEST thermostat and, if your local utility company supports it, earn Nest “Rush Hour Rewards” for not using their charging station during peak times, like just before the morning rush hour or in the evening, when energy demand is at its peak. Completely automatic, the ChargePoint Home’s Rush Hour Rewards program uses real-time grid demand data from participating utility companies to automatically reduce or halt charging when grid demand is too high.

Right now, our review unit has just arrived and is still sitting in a box in our east-coast office. But stay tuned as we talk you through the installation process, first use, and life with this smart electric car charging station over the next six months or so.

ChargePoint has provided one review ChargePoint Home unit free of charge to Transport Evolved for long-term product testing and will be collecting the unit again at the end of the review period. 


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