As Rdio Closes Its Doors, Tesla Adds Free Premium Spotify Membership To All Model S, Model X Cars Outside The U.S.

As well as being the most technologically-advanced electric cars on the market today thanks to Tesla’s autopilot beta software and over-the-air software updates for its cars for life, the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X electric cars come with a plethora of entertainment options designed to keep you happy on long road trips.

The Tesla Model S has plenty to keep you entertained on long trips.

The Tesla Model S has plenty to keep you entertained on long trips.

From dual USB sockets and full bluetooth connectivity through to satellite or DAB radio options (depending on where you live), the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X also come with various Internet streaming providers to allow you to stream your choice of music directly from the Internet, provided of course the car has a decent signal to the nearest 3G cell tower.

Spotify and Tesla are now content partners in Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong.

Spotify and Tesla are now content partners in Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong.

While U.S. customers have been able to choose their favourite tunes via Slacker and TuneIn services, European, Australian and Hong Kong Tesla customers have been offered the Rdio music streaming service as a way of listening to streamed music over their car’s always-on internet connection.  But tomorrow, Rdio — following a merger with rival Internet streaming service Pandora — will turn off its servers for good, meaning Tesla customers will no longer be able to use the service to listen to streaming music in their car.

Luckily, Tesla Motors — and its free over-the-air software update capability — has a perfect solution.

Tesla owners in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong now get to use Spotify's Premium service for free

Tesla owners in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong now get to use Spotify’s Premium service for free

As The Verge reported earlier today, the Californian automaker has just announced it will be pushing a new update to customers’ cars in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong which will replace Rdio with popular Internet streaming music site Spotify. What’s more, drivers will automatically get a Spotify Premium membership in their car, meaning that they will be free from the adverts and play limitations that Spotify users with a lesser membership level have to put up with.

Interestingly, while the upgrade will give every Tesla Model S (and eventually Tesla Model X) customer in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong a free Spotify Premium account, it won’t be possible to take the account with you when you leave your car. This means that if you want to enjoy the freedom of ad-free Spotify membership you’ll either need to stay in your car a lot more — or have a secondary account for personal out-of-car use.

Existing Spotify Premium members though will be able to link their existing accounts to their Tesla’s entertainment system, meaning that any existing playlists can be kept intact. Regardless of a Tesla owner having an existing Spotify Premium account or being new to the service however, data fees used by the service while in the car will be comped by Tesla.

As The Telegraph reports, the new Spotify Premium service will feature the same voice-control and search functionality as Rdio’s Model S service did. Press the steering-wheel voice-activation button, and you’ll be able to search for artist, track, album or genre without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Given Spotify Premium boasts more than 30 million tracks, we’re guessing most Tesla customers will be more than happy with the switch in service.

We note however, that the switch over doesn’t include Tesla customers in the U.S., at least for now. We’re not entirely sure why that is, but we’d guess it has something to do with license and exclusivity deals between Tesla and its existing U.S. Internet streaming partners.


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