CES 2016 Liveblog: Faraday Future Electric Car Launch Event

We’ve heard some of the rumors, and we’ve seen the enigmatic teaser video too — but tonight we’ll get to see Faraday Futures (FF) unveil its first electric car.

The Chinese-backed firm is already calling the sleek plug-in the “Car of Concepts,” but is it going to live up to the hype in the real world?

Join us as we experience the new FF car for the first time.

Join us as we experience the new FF car for the first time.

Moreover, is FF about to launch a brand-new way of owning and operating a car? Or is it nothing short of hyperbole?

We’re here at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show to find out. Join us as we live-blog direct from FF’s gala launch event, and discover what FF has planned for the future as we go.

Below you’ll find our media-rich coverage of the event, listing things as they happen from oldest at the bottom to most recent at the top. The page automatically refreshes too, so sit back and enjoy!


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  • Every FF vehicle model to include the signature “UFO line”. 😉

    It sounded like production won’t start for another 24 months, but was not clear if for the FFZero1, or another concept model variation.

    I tuned in to watch as was curious if FF is planning on being a highend brand with limited production, or desires to become a high volume consumer product. To me it’s still not clear were FF’s path to the future leads, even after all the Apple references.

    • Michael Thwaite

      I don’t think I heard anything more than what every other car manufacturer is promising; performance, flexibility for the new generation, etc. etc. It still seems marking hype. I anticipate an ordinary looking sedan in a few years time.

      • vdiv

        But, but, but… who is going to “kill” Tesla in the meantime? GM?! 😉

  • FYI: The FF VR App is now live, (Android/Apple) you just need to download an print their sketch first before viewing.

  • mkassowitz

    This company has made what is probably a huge marketing mistake revealing way too much far too soon. http://www.carswithcords.com/faraday-future-opens-the-kimono-and-reveals-too-much/

    • Joe Viocoe

      I’d say the opposite.
      They hung around in stealth mode far too long. They were shielded from criticism while they played shadow games. Now, they’ve gone and ruined they brand they’ve hyped up.

  • leptoquark

    Yawn. Concept cars bore me. Show me what I can actually buy, that what matters. Also, it’s relatively easy to build 90% of a great car, witness the Fisker Karma. It’s the remaining 10% people will notice. Can Faraday Future produce 100% of a great car someone would buy over a name brand? TBD.