CES 2016 Volkswagen Live Blog Event

For the past few months, German automaker Volkswagen has found itself in some pretty hot water concerning the Dieselgate scandal.

But this evening at CES 2016, Volkswagen is rumored to be unveiling a new concept car which helps the brand move itself away from the shame of diesel engines and towards a future full of connected, smart, autonomous vehicles powered by clean fuel options like electricity.

As with the Faraday Future event last night, we’ll be live-blogging the event live from the Cosmopolitan Theatre in Las Vegas, bringing you the news as we have it.

So sit back, enjoy, and we’ll discover what Volkswagen believes its future to be like together.


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  • Matt Beard

    Sigh! I got quite interested by the Budd-e and was wondering if this was a viable electric car “for the people” … then I saw the bit about maybe, possibly, they might consider building it in four or five years.i

  • Stephen Noctor

    Exciting concept but very disappointed by the “could be a reality by the end of the decade” comment.