LiveBlog: Tesla Model S, Model X Software Update 7.1

We’re here live-blogging an unexpected live press call from Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] in which the Californian automaker is detailing the latest software updates to the Tesla Model S 7.1 software update. Rolled out earlier today, we’ll be live-blogging the features added, as well as featuring the Q&A with Tesla CEO Elon Musk held directly after the press briefing.

New features are being added to the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Find out what they are live here.

New features are being added to the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X. Find out what they are live here.

As with all our live-blogs, the page will automatically update, so there’s no need to refresh your browser window.


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  • Ed

    Hard to believe…but impossible to challenge; the Tesla folks have so far been good to their word. Autosteering has been a remarkable development. For me, the earliest release was, in short, scary. Today, I don’t want to travel without it. It is that good! So….I am buying Musk’s view of where we are going. Go Tesla!
    PS: When does my Snake ship?

  • At 11:46 …
    Tesla will be accumulating a million miles of auto-pilot driving per week.

    For perspective, Google Car reached a total accumulated autonomous mileage of 1.2 million in mid-2015 … after years of testing.

  • From 11:41 …
    The use for redundant systems is an engineering technique used in aerospace. This means the engineering of a Tesla will be even more like a plane, or rocket in future editions.

    BTW: With the requirement of redundant systems, before a Tesla can drive outside of an owner sight … it likely means current generation of vehicles will not be able to be summoned from far away. Something for potential owners to consider as they plan a purchase over the next couple of years.