Tesla Goes to Court, Clarity FCV Priced, GM Launches Maven T.E.N. Future Car News 22 January, 2016

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Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: Tesla Model X court case, GM and Honda make fuel cells, GM launches Maven mobility app, BMW integrates with IFTTT, GM and Renault patch European non-compliant diesel cars, Nissan confirms production of next-gen LEAF battery cells in UK, Honda prices 2017 Clarity FCV, Dakar 2016 electric rally car

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  • See you in court – Tesla takes parts supplier to court over Model X delays.
  • Making fuel cells together – Honda and GM commit to new fuel cell production facility.
  • GM’s new mobility – General Motors announces Maven mobility service
  • If this..then car – BMW launches integration with IFTTT platform.
  • Compliance GM and Renault both patch European diesel cars to ensure NOx compliance.
  • Production secured –  Nissan confirms UK production for next-generation LEAF battery packs
  • Yours for $500/month – Honda prices Clarity FCV for U.S. launch this fall
  • As good as the rest – The all-electric car which tackled this year’s Dakar rally


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