Tesla’s Direct Sales Means No Price Gouging — But It Doesn’t Stop Extortionate Owner Markup On Used Model X

Whenever a new vehicle comes to market, especially a premium model in high demand, there’s always a little price gouging at the hands of dealerships looking to make a quick profit from someone who really wants the latest must-have ride, has the cash to pay well above list price, and will do whatever it takes to avoid the queues.

All with the exception of brand-new cars made by Tesla Motors, that is, since the Californian electric automaker owns and operates all of the Tesla stores where its luxury electric cars are made. With pricing set by Tesla Motors itself, there are no dealer markups, hidden extra fees, or price gouging.

This Model X Signature Series owner wants $215,000 for his 'nearly new' car.

This Model X Signature Series owner wants $215,000 for his ‘nearly new’ car.

While Tesla’s company-owned Tesla Stores prevent new customers from being the victims of price gouging, there’s less control over price when it comes to used Teslas. And although Tesla has its own highly popular certified pre-owned program where customers can buy pre-loved Teslas at market price complete with comprehensive warranty, Tesla has no control over how much its customers sell their cars on for on the open market.

Which makes it entirely possible for someone with some serious spare cash to get inline for the latest Tesla car, pay full list price for it, then try to sell it on for a massive profit.

Due to Tesla Stores, new Tesla customers aren't victims of price gouging

Due to Tesla Stores, new Tesla customers aren’t victims of price gouging

That’s exactly what appears to be happening in New York, where one Tesla Model X P90D Signature Series customer is advertising their 500-mile Model X on Internet car selling site Panjo for an eye-watering $215,000. As our friends at Autobloggreen note, that’s more than $80,000 over list price, a fact that even the seller notes in their official item description.

On the plus side, the car in question — with the special signature-series vibrant red paint finish — is a six-seat model with nearly every option box ticket. In addition to the performance package and premium interior lighting, this particular Model X comes with black Nappa leather and black alcantara headliner, as well as obeche wood matte and ultra-high fidelity sound package.

It also has the sub-zero weather package, as well as the 20-inch wheel package, meaning it could theoretically tow up to 5,000 pounds when fitted with the optional Tesla Towing package.

As for the reason behind the seller’s decision to get rid of their nearly-new Model X? “I don’t really need an SUV right now,” they quote in the listing, although we’ve got to admit to being a little skeptical of that particular explanation, especially when it’s a decision which could net the seller a tidy profit.

While Tesla is now producing Model X SUVs at its Fremont production facility at a rate of around 400 examples per week, anyone placing an order for a Model X today is still likely to find themselves facing a rather long wait before their car is delivered. Even if someone orders a top-spec Model X with every option box ticked — a car which Tesla has historically rushed to produce in deference to lower-spec models to keep high-ticket customers happy — the wait is likely to be several months or more.

Would you pay $80,000 over list price for a used Model X?

Would you pay $80,000 over list price for a used Model X?

And that, we’d suggest, is why this particular Model X owner is adding $80,000 on the price of their used Model X. Someone, somewhere will pay above list price just so they can beat the queues.

Would you pay $215,000 for a $125,000 Model X just so you could avoid the wait time? Will the seller in question find a buyer?

And what do you make of people who are willing to enter into such a sale?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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