LEAF 2G Switch off, Hyundai IONIQ, Morgan EV3: T.E.N. Future Car News 4th March 2016

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: Nissan prepares for 2G switch off; Mercedes-Benz comes under EPA spotlight; Hyundai IONIQ gets international debut; Faraday Futures patents an inverter; Tesla sends out Model 3 invites; Tesla Roadster Owners get CHAdeMO thanks to third-party adaptor; Google’s autonomous car crashes with a bus; Audi switches focus to Hydrogen and plug-in cars; Morgan unveils an all-electric three-wheeler.


2G or not 2G – Nissan prepares telematics for 2G switch off — but you’ll have to pay

Dieselgate 2.0? – Mercedes-Benz quizzed about diesel car emissions

IONIC IONIQ? – Hyundai IONIQ debuts in Geneva

Have patent, will travel – FF gets its first patent

Model 3 invites – Tesla sends out invites to Model 3 event on March 31

JdeMo Roadster – JdeMo product for Tesla Roadster Quick charges sports car

Bus v car – Google learns the hard way about big vehicles

Audi’s plans – Audi wants to become center of excellence for hydrogen and electric cars

British beauty – Morgan unveils EV3  all-electric 3-wheeler in Geneva


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