BREAKING: Tesla Gives Customers 20 Hours to Enter To Win One of 650 Reserved Tickets to Model 3 Launch Event

To say there’s a lot of hype surrounding the March 31 unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 electric car would be something of an understatement. Due to hit the market some time by 2018, the family-friendly mid-size electric car is expected to go on sale for around $35,000 before incentives, offer a 200+ mile range as standard, and be the car which catapults Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] from a niche-market car company from California into a mainstream, large-volume automaker.

Despite the massive interest in the car and literally thousands of fans eager to find a way to attend the special unveiling event at Tesla’s Design Center in Hawthorne, California, Tesla has been particularly quiet about who will be on the guest list. As of last week, the only official invitees we knew about were those who won VIP tickets to the event through their participation in Tesla’s popular Model S Referral Program. At the same time, a rumor circulated suggesting that unlike previous Tesla reveal events (which were reasonably easy to attend) Tesla’s Model 3 reveal event would be a smaller affair, attended by a list of hand-picked guests.

Tesla is offering customers a chance to win tickets to the Model 3 event -- but you have just 20 hours to enter.

Tesla is offering customers a chance to win tickets to the Model 3 event — but you have just 20 hours to enter.

Half an hour ago however, Tesla broke the radio silence, confirming that its Model 3 prototype unveiling would be a more intimate affair than previous reveal events, with strictly-limited invite-only attendance via a mail shot to existing customers. In the same email, it offered customers the chance to win tickets to be at the event via a special online lottery that will run for the next twenty hours.

The email reads as follows:

We’re excited to share details of the Model 3 prototype unveiling at an intimate event in Los Angeles, CA for less than 800 people.

We want to share this with Tesla owners first, as a token of our appreciation for your support over the years. We’ve saved 650 places at the event for current owners including their guests.

Places will be allocated at random through a drawing on March 16. To enter, simply click below and register before noon PST on March 16 2016. You’ll need to use your MyTesla email address to ensure successful entry into the lottery. On March 17, official invitations will go out to those selected through the lottery.

Well find out more in just over two weeks.

We”ll find out more in just over two weeks.

Sadly, while the link in the mailshot does work for everyone — Tesla or not — Tesla will be checking email addresses to make sure that customers

Interestingly too, while Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously said that there would be no priority in Model 3 orders, with customer orders fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis, the final paragraphs of the mailshot — which detail how you can place an order for Model 3 — contract Musk’s previous statement.

Model 3 reservations will open in Tesla stores on March 31 at 10am PST, as well as online immediately when the event (which will also be accessible via a live stream) begins. As a current owner who has supported Tesla and our mission, your reservation will take priority and be placed ahead of non-owners.

Thanks again for your support. Good luck!

The Tesla Team

While there are many tens of thousands of Tesla owners worldwide, we’re guessing the majority of entrants into the Model 3 event reveal will be those who are local to Southern California — or at least within easy reach of Los Angeles via Tesla’s Supercharger network. Although Tesla says it will send out official invites to Model 3 prototype unveiling winners in just two days’ time, those outside of the U.S. will have just two weeks to find themselves a suitable flight to the event, not to mention accommodation.

That kind of last-minute planning isn’t cheap, especially if it includes a transatlantic (or transpacific) flight.

If like us, you’re unable to make it to the event in Southern California, Tesla has announced it will be streaming the event live online via its website at, and of course, we’ll be covering it here at Transport Evolved via a special simulcast event. Be sure to add it to your calendar!

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