It’s Tesla Model 3 Day! Join In The Fun With Our Wall-to-Wall LiveBlog Coverage

You asked for it — and we’ve listened.

Our previous Tesla event liveblog coverage has proven so popular that we’re going one step further this time with a whole day’s worth of 24LiveBlog coverage for you to enjoy, covering everything there is to know about Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] latest production electric car — the Tesla Model 3.

We know you want it -- so here it is. Wall-to-Wall Model 3 Coverage.

We know you want it — so here it is. Wall-to-Wall Model 3 Coverage.

Later on today, we’ll get to see the car for the first time — and we’ll cover the big reveal live in our very own  Transport Evolved special with guests including Robert Llewellyn and Chelsea Sexton. But for now, join us and our friends at 24liveblog as we bring you the latest from the queues, the reservation process, and of course, the fans eager to buy Tesla’s first ‘affordable’ electric car.

Since this is a liveblog, there’s no need to refresh the page: new content will be added automatically. To enjoy, just keep the page loaded in a convenient browser window, and new content will be loaded as it is published.

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