It’s Tesla Model 3 Day! Join In The Fun With Our Wall-to-Wall LiveBlog Coverage

You asked for it — and we’ve listened.

Our previous Tesla event liveblog coverage has proven so popular that we’re going one step further this time with a whole day’s worth of 24LiveBlog coverage for you to enjoy, covering everything there is to know about Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] latest production electric car — the Tesla Model 3.

We know you want it -- so here it is. Wall-to-Wall Model 3 Coverage.

We know you want it — so here it is. Wall-to-Wall Model 3 Coverage.

Later on today, we’ll get to see the car for the first time — and we’ll cover the big reveal live in our very own  Transport Evolved special with guests including Robert Llewellyn and Chelsea Sexton. But for now, join us and our friends at 24liveblog as we bring you the latest from the queues, the reservation process, and of course, the fans eager to buy Tesla’s first ‘affordable’ electric car.

Since this is a liveblog, there’s no need to refresh the page: new content will be added automatically. To enjoy, just keep the page loaded in a convenient browser window, and new content will be loaded as it is published.

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  • Ed

    I stopped by the Hawthorne Design Center this morning on the way back from LAX. Picked up a charge and snapped a few photos of the scene. All was quiet, but the stage lights were on and the lobby display chassis was missing to make more room during cocktail hour. Outside, several tents were set up in the Supercharger area. I think I saw a driving area set up out behind the hanger, near the runway. Sorry to say, I did not win an invitation to this very exciting event; but, I will be watching the stream with all of you!
    Photo composition here:

  • CDspeed

    Excellent coverage Nikki, but it made miss the Transport Evolved talk show, it’s so nice to hear electric car people talk about electric cars.

  • Chris O

    The panel was rather underwhelmed by what Elon Musk showed us today but 180K reservations and counting tells us that this car is in fact pivotal as it’s shaping up to become the first EV that will sell in mainstream numbers.

    I would agree that the shrunken Model S look does entail some compromises as the sleekness of Model S is lost in translation and Tesla might want to do some redesign on front and interior. However this is only a concept model, so by definition work in progress and clearly the market is confident in what the finished article will look like.

    At this point it doesn’t quite match the German rivals like 3 Series and A4 in design, but it definitely kills them in terms of performance and practicality.

    It’s also hard to imagine anybody getting a Bolt if they can have this for the same money, especially considering that Model 3, unlike Bolt comes with full quick charge capabilities and full quick charge infrastructure support. OTOH: with 180K reservations and counting Bolt is your only choice if you don’t have your reservation in yet unless you can wait another 4 years or so.

  • BenBrownEA

    I’m truly excited and agree this is a new historic step (pending some unforeseen sabotage). I desperately want to stay to hear your very welcomed broadcast Nikki, but my employer promises to be unhappy if I don’t show up… [Nevertheless, I am SO looking forward to talking to all my friends and family about this and can’t wait until several of them have purchased a Model Three.]