ElectraGirl: Tesla Model 3 Decision

Saturday 2nd April 2016

Well the decision has been made! It was definitely the right decision and in fact it was the only decision that made sense.

There has been so much publicity around the launch of the Tesla Model 3 this past week, in fact it has been somewhat crazy. People trying to speculate what the car would look like, what its range would be, how much it would cost, whether Supercharger access would be included, and… The list goes on.

We’ve spent all week going back and forth on the decision as to whether to put down a deposit or not. Shall we, shan’t we, shall we, shan’t we, oh who knows?

Well, the 31st March arrived and my sidekick decided to go to the local Tesla Store in Short Hills Mall to see what was happening and how many people were there queuing up.

The store opened at 10am and he got there at 8:35am and by that time there was already 50 plus people in the queue. A friend of ours Sal, had arrived before 7am and he was number 8 in the queue. Apparently, you had to be in line before Casey and Soji who arrived at 2:30am if you wanted to be first in line.

By the time I arrived at 10:05am there were over 200 people queuing. This is all very interesting as no one has any idea what this car is even going to look like. They are all happy to put down at $1,000 deposit for a car they haven’t seen and a car that they are unlikely to get until late 2017 at the earliest. In the queue were some familiar faces from our EV circle.

Canvassing the crowd

Canvassing the crowd

My sidekick had been chatting to people in the queue and what turned out to be the most interesting fact was that 90% were totally new to Electric Cars. The Model 3 was to be their first Electric Car – This is all very exciting! Tesla are definitely doing something right, with all these people happy to put a deposit down on something unseen.

The queue was moving but there was still a lot of people so, after an hour we decided to leave. Neither of us were interested in waiting in the queue and figured we’d just wait until the online reservations opened later in the day. After all, as current Tesla owners, that did push us up the queue a little bit anyway.

However, as the day wore on, we both decided that we might head back to Short Hills Mall as word was the queue had disappeared.

We arrived at the Tesla Store a little before 3pm and there was no one there, it was eerily quiet compared to the morning. We just walked straight into the store, like you would on any other day! We were greeted by Dan, who we already knew, and he was very happy that we were there to put down a reservation. All he had to do was take down our details and take our credit card details and after checking all was correct, that was it.

We had made the decision and we now have a reservation in place for a Tesla Model 3! I hope we made the right decision – Oh, who am I kidding, of course we did!

We watched the Tesla Model 3 unveiling on Friday evening, there was no way I could stay up until 11:30pm on Thursday to watch it. It was really good to hear Elon Musk not just talking about EV’s but also talking about the amount of pollution coming out of the back of all the petrol cars that are on the road today. Hopefully, this will help to make people question why they would want to drive one when they could have a nice quiet Electric Car instead. It’s that on the ground pollution that is really bad for all of us – it’s increasing Asthma and lung related problems – it’s silently killing us and our planet Earth.

It was also nice to hear him acknowledge the Roadster owners contribution to getting the company started; we do feel a little left out sometimes. After all, we are the ones that believed in Tesla Motors all those years ago.

Then came the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3… Oh my goodness after all this, will I like it? Oh, I do hope so… And… yes, I definitely like it. Phew!! Although to be honest it was rather unlikely that I wouldn’t like it. I mean Tesla really do not make horrid looking cars, do they now? The Model 3 does look like a smaller version of the Model S and X combined. The only thing I am currently not sure about is the glass roof, I’m not keen on sunroofs to begin with so really not sure on that design. But, you can get the Model S without a sunroof so there may be options for the Model 3 too. I like the 200+ mile range – that is going to be great and, combined with the Supercharger network – the world will be my oyster! I’m pleased to hear about the increase in Superchargers instead of any limitations on use and, I hope this will get the likes of ChargePoint, NRG and others to get a move on and get their DC charging networks rolled out.

I am looking forward to seeing what the colour options will be, although I am already pretty sure I know what I will go for and also, what the interior options will be, oh and of course the wheels – very important.

It’s very hard to remain balanced and fair when talking about different manufacturers electric offerings when Tesla announces a car that will be affordable, have the range we’ve always called for, will drive like an electric car (regen on the accelerator) and include the DC fast charging network we know we need. If Tesla can deliver on this promise and, as of today, that means delivering over 290,000 cars, what can the other manufacturers possibly do to compete?

Happy Reservaton Holders

Happy Reservaton Holders


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  • alexsambie

    Congratulations ElectraGirl!…or should I say TeslaGirl?! 🙂 Another great article! Thank you! I think you will love the Tesla Model 3. Great choice and great decision! Awesome! 😀 😀 😀
    Btw…I have reserved mine today too. And as more Model 3 information is revealed I am afraid that my refundable reservation deposit will become ‘unrefundable’ as it will be impossible for me not to want one! …nah…

    • Electra Girl

      Hmm – I like the sound of TeslaGirl!
      Congrats on putting down the deposit. I think you’ll love the car and definitely will not be looking for a refund.

  • KIMS

    If you reserved, please consider signing in and ‘registering’ on this site so we can get some good “Big Data” to track all sorts of fun things. https://www.model3tracker.info/

    • alexsambie

      Congratulations Kims! Your first EV too! Amazing! 😀

    • Martin Lacey

      Thanks Kims,

      I have registered. Big HI to all the other UK reservists who have registered (hope that makes sense).

  • Martin Lacey

    I placed my deposit online before the reveal. Not owning a Tesla I know I was in the first 115,000 reservees, but will no doubt be bumped down the list for the rich guys who already own a Roadster, S or X. Hopefully they will work on day end lists or it could be years before I see my first EV. Bet Nissan are really peeved…. the 3 reservation list is longer than their sales record for all Leafs and it’s only been three days.

    • alexsambie

      Congratulation Martin! 😀

    • KIMS

      First, Congratulations! You and me both in the same boat so to speak. (East coast order here, only difference is I lined up at 6:25am to get in among the first in my region.)

      Second, you should be in good shape as far as the lines go. Keeping in mind the queue is also geographic you might be doing a lot better than you think, but who knows. Also, while reliable numbers will be hard to come by, some early external estimates indicate that as little as 25% of the first day reservations came from current owners… No matter how you slice it, we’ll just have to wait and see, but I think we’re both in excellent shape for taking delivery during 2018! 🙂

      On a related note, Elon/Tesla is aware of the ‘end of the 7500 tax credit’ issue vs geographic and queue system order fulfillment and stated on Twitter that they will do their best to please the most customers, hinting that delivery of US car #200 000 will be planned to fall on the first day of the quarter, giving a full quarter of deliveries of car 200k through 200k + xxxk cars at the 7500 discount level. 🙂

      I bet residual value on Nissan Leaf cars (that have held up surprisingly well) will plummet when 3 hits the streets for real.. Also, everyone talks about how 3 competes with e.g. BMW 3 series etc… Yeah, on the ICE playingfield it is.. but look at how the mid-range Leaf is priced? It starts at 34200 or something…. imagine paying nearly 35k for a mid-range Leaf when you could have a base Model 3? This will undoubtedly push Leaf prices way down and/or features and range way up by the time mass deliveries start up! Very exciting times!!

  • jstack6

    The model 3 is great but you should buy the stock too. Then you’ll get a free Tesla with all the profits. I bought the stock instead of the model S that was too big or Roadster was too small. It’s up enough so far I can buy 5 and still have my initial money back. Just wait until the factory keeps turning out more S and X (30K back ordered) this year along with the Power wall (100,000) back ordered. I love Tesla stock and cars.