Elon Musk: Online Tesla Model X Configurator For All Versions Of Electric SUV Goes LIve Today

Back at the end of September last year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk handed over keys to the very first Tesla Model X owners at a special event held at Tesla’s Fremont production facility. Held just before the end of the quarter, the event allowed Tesla to make good on its promise that the heavily-delayed Tesla model X would finally begin deliveries in Q3 2015, but while the Tesla Model X has been in production ever since, the number of cars delivered thus far has been relatively low.

Quality control issues and parts shortages have meant that the majority of Tesla Model X reservation holders are still waiting for their car. Thus far, the only customers who have been able to take ownership of their Model X have been those who stumped up extra cash to be a Tesla Model X Signature Series owner (as well as the even rarer “Founder edition” owners) or those whose order has been for a high-end, high-spec Tesla Model X P90D.

The Tesla Model X online configurator should go public today.

The Tesla Model X online configurator should go public today.

And while in recent months we’ve heard from a few Tesla Model X 70D reservation holders who have been invited to configure their cars online, Tesla’s configuration tool has only been available for confirmed reservation holders. In other words, if you were tempted to buy a Tesla Model X, you would have to put a $5,000 deposit down first to gain access to Tesla’s customer-only configuration tool.

Customers who don't have a Model X reservation will be able to configure their car for the first time.

Customers who don’t have a Model X reservation will be able to configure their car for the first time.

Over the weekend however, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed via Twitter that Tesla would change that today, switching from a reservation-only configuration system to a fully-public configuration tool, allowing non-reservation holders the chance to spec up their dream Model X for the first time.

As Engadget noticed (via GreenCarReports) Musk first tweeted on Saturday that the switch would happen. After plenty of people had already noticed the tweet, the post in question vanished. While that’s not unusual for Musk’s Twitter stream (we’ve seen other tweets vanish within minutes of being posted) it certainly created enough interest that a steady stream of questions headed his way from potential customers eager to buy their own Model X.

Luckily for us, Musk decided to confirm later on in the day that the switchover was still taking place.

While we’ve been constantly refreshing Tesla’s website while writing this article, the online configurator for new Model X customers (or just the curious passer by) hasn’t yet gone live, but as far as we know it will give customers a choice between an entry-level Tesla Model X 70D, mid-range Tesla Model X 90D, or range-topping Tesla Model X P90D.

Regardless of the model however, Tesla’s website now suggests that anyone placing an order today will likely not see their car until the second half of 2016, meaning that it still has some way to go in terms of fulfilling back orders before it can start to build cars for those who currently do not already have a reservation.

Want this? Later today, you can see how much it'll cost you online.

Want this? Later today, you can see how much it’ll cost you online.

Unless this new online configurator is accompanied by a price increase, the entry-level Tesla Model X 70D will be available from $80,000 before incentives or standard handling and destination charges. Those wanting a fully-specced Tesla Model X P90DL — complete with 3.2-second 0-60 time — will find themselves with little change from $130,000.


Naturally, we’ll let you know when the Tesla Model X online configurator goes live for all, but in the meantime, we’re curious to know if you’re tempted by Tesla’s full-size, high-performance SUV. Will you be keeping a close eye on Tesla’s site to configure your own, or is the Model X just too expensive (or too big) for your needs?

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