Tesla Model 3 Supercharging, VW Gigafactory, Model X Fix, T.E.N. Future Car News 3rd June, 2016

Welcome to T.E.N! Short for Transport Evolved News, T.E.N. is recorded every Friday to help your weekend get off to a flying start by making sure you haven’t missed the big future transport news stories of the week.

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: Tesla Model 3 Supercharging; Tesla sets Gigafactory opening date; Renault ZOE benefits from French fuel crisis; Volkswagen considers its own massive battery plant for EVs; Ford increases electric range of its Fusion plug-in hybrid; Nissan switches to solar power for its Sunderland LEAF factory; Tesla promises to fix Model X doors via Software update; Nissan Promises 20 percent of all cars it sells in Europe will be electric by 2020; Google Engineer Calls Autopilot irresponsible; California’s hydrogen fuel cell stations to meet 2015 goal by 2017.

Instead of posting the entire text of the show below, we’re including links to the individual stories below as they appear in the show — and we’ve also added clickable links in the YouTube version of the show. If you’re subscribing to the Podcast version, links are in the description inside the episode. 

  • Optional Extra – Tesla confirms Supercharger access will cost extra for Model 3
  • Gigaparty – Tesla announces official Gigafactory opening ceremony
  • French Bonus – ZOE sales increase after French fuel strike
  • Big Plans – Volkswagen wants its own gigafactory
  • Small increase – Ford increases all-electric range of Fusion Energi to 22 miles per charge
  • Sun-made – Nissan opens new solar power array at Sunderland Nissan LEAF facility
  • 20 by 20 – Nissan says 20 percent of all cars sold in Europe will be electric by 2020
  • We’ll Fix it – Tesla promises over-the-air software update for Model X
  • IrresponsibleGoogle engineers weigh in on continuing debate over Autopilot
  • Catchup  – Hydrogen fuel station specialist promises it’ll reach its 2015 H2 filling station goals by start of 2017.


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  • Albemarle

    Excellent recap of week’s news. I really like your positive, non-cranky attitude. Very refreshing.
    I agree that what is happening with Tesla’s autopilot is a worry. Doesn’t take too many news items to get the government involved, and their failsafe solution is to ban the testing. All this proves, yet again as if we need to relearn it, is that too many human beings are just not up to the demands of today’s society.
    We could train people how to use the features but that won’t help.
    It’s simpler and faster to visit the potential customer’s Facebook page. Tesla could quickly ascertain whether this person is a total airhead, not to be trusted, or someone that can operate the car reasonably. 😀

    • vdiv

      Well, this is not about Autopilot, this is about the collision avoidance system. Regardless of whether the driver is in control of the car or not, “preferably” it should not be crashing into things.

  • Farmer_Dave

    I’m glad that Supercharging will be “decoupled” from the base price of the Model 3. I plan to charge my Model 3 at home and won’t be using it for long trips, so I appreciate not having to pay for a service I won’t use.