Model S 60 Reborn, Outlander Hack, Honking Google Cars, T.E.N. Future Car News 10th June, 2016

Welcome to T.E.N! Short for Transport Evolved News, T.E.N. is recorded every Friday to help your weekend get off to a flying start by making sure you haven’t missed the big future transport news stories of the week.

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: Tesla announces new Model S 60, 60D; Mercedes-Benz promises electric car debut in Paris; former Ferrari executive joins Faraday Futures; Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV gets hacked; Nissan invests again in European charging networks; CHAdeMO Association promises 150 kW capabilities; Norway looks to ban ICE by 2025; How many Tesla and SpaceX employees are buying a Model 3; Hyundai promises all-electric Genesis; Google teaches its cars to honk.

Instead of posting the entire text of the show below, we’re including links to the individual stories below as they appear in the show — and we’ve also added clickable links in the YouTube version of the show. If you’re subscribing to the Podcast version, links are in the description inside the episode. 

  • Reprised – Tesla brings back Model S 60, introduces 60D
  • Coming to Paris – Mercedes-Benz hints of Paris Motor Show long-range Electric Car Debut
  • From Ferrari to FF – Former Ferrari exec joins Faraday Futures
  • Hacked  – New security exploit demonstrated with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  • More charging – Nissan commits to expanded, improved DC quick charging network in Europe.
  • Next-Gen – CHAdeMo Association Confirms 150-kW next-generation DC quick charging system.
  • Out in the cold – Norway looks to ban sale of new ICE cars by 2025.
  • Model 3 Kool Aid – We discover just how many Tesla and SpaceX employees are ordering a Model 3
  • New Beginning?  – Hyundai promises all-electric Genesis
  • Feeling Horny –  Google teaches its cars to honk


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  • Andrew Hohmann

    But as Musk and environmentalists across the globe celebrated Norway’s progressive plan, the conservative party called the article “misleading.”
    “The government and its partners agree on a new step on the way towards a low-emission society…but there is no talk of banning the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles in 2025 as one would be led to believe in Dagens Næringsliv,” the party said in a press release, as quoted by The Local.

    Elvestuen also stepped forward after the report’s publication, clarifying that the parties had only agreed to “set target numbers for how many low- and zero emissions” cars there should be in Norway in 2025. The agreement is aimed at reaching climate goals due to be presented next year as part of the country’s national transport plan.

    “We have not reached an agreement on how to reach the goals,” he said.