Wireless Tesla Charging, Johnny Cabs in Singapore, Leading The EV Push – T.E.N. Future Car News 8/26/16

Welcome to T.E.N! Short for Transport Evolved News, T.E.N. is recorded every Friday to help your weekend get off to a flying start by making sure you haven’t missed the big future transport news stories of the week.

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology.  This week news about: Tesla Model S, Model X Get 100kWh battery pack; Nissan Canada President says no to group deal discount; Wireless Charging Comes to Tesla Model S; Singapore company puts autonomous, driverless electric taxis on the roads; the European cousin to the Chevy Bolt EV (Ampera-e) gets its debut next month in Paris; FTC approves TSLA/SCTY merger; LeEco’s ambitious autonomous electric car hits roadblocks in China; Ford to launch 100+ mile Focus Electric for 2017; new report names winners, losers in electric car sales; We explain how to sign up for National Drive Electric WeekWorst-kept secret?  – Tesla announces Model S P100D, Model X P100D

  • No deal – Nissan Canada President pours cold water on 3,700-strong group-LEAF purchase
  • No Wires – Plugless Power’s wireless charging kit for Tesla Model S goes on sale.
  • Johnny Cab – The Johnny Cab becomes real in Singapore
  • Ampera-e Debut – Ampera-e to debut in Paris next month
  • Approved – FTC happy TSLA/SCTY merger isn’t in violation of anti-trust laws
  • Le Problem  – LeEco’s plans to build an electric car in China hit roadblocks
  • Matching the competition – Ford’s 2017 Focus EV to get 100-mile range
  • Good and Bad – New report names the winners and losers in the electric car sales world
  • Sign up  – How to sign up for National Drive Electric Week


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  • Kerbe

    Re. “Good and Bad”

    I’m surprised that MS made it as high as last place: To my knowledge there are two Leafs in the state and about a half-dozen used Volts – and there might be an iMiev down on the coast, but I’ve not seen it in person.

    Motivated by the fact that our electrical utility opened a solar generating station in my town, two months ago I juggled the numbers and realized that I could afford to lease a 2017 Volt, especially given this summer’s huge dealer incentives. Although billed as a “50 state” vehicle, 98% of them seem to be sold in CA and OR – so I’m thinking it’s just a compliance vehicle for GM. The delivery time is currently running 6-12 weeks for cars ordered in states other than those two.

    I drove the car during a visit to PA in May and was very impressed.

    ANYWAY, I contacted all 34 Chevrolet dealerships in MS about leasing a 2017 Volt and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM said that they’d neither carry the car nor service the car. One dealer has a 2012 on the lot that was the personal car of the owner – 4K miles – and they’re asking $24K. One other dealer offered to order one but only if I’d pay the full MSRP in cash and all his costs to get it here – and then said, “And good luck getting it serviced.”

    The closest dealer who’d work with me was in the Dallas-Fort Worth area – nearly a 7-hour drive from here: The two closest Louisiana dealers who carry the Volt were not interested in leasing out of state.

    Two Ford dealers in the MS sell hybrids – but not the PHEV versions. Several Chevy dealers suggested the Malibu Hybrid – but they didn’t have them on their lots. So the Prius is really the only hybrid on our state’s roads. We do have a Supercharger station now – so Tesla drivers from NOLA can drive to Jackson and home again, or Jackson to Shreveport – but there are no Superchargers between Jackson and St. Louis or Jackson and Birmingham or Birmingham and Atlanta. This means that route 20 – the south’s leading east-west route – is still Tesla-unfriendly.

    But there’s no other public charging infrastructure save for a Level 1 charger in the parking lot of the new Whole Foods in Jackson – but it doesn’t have a dedicated parking space and is always ICEd in.

    And that’s the MS story, so far as I know it.

    In the end, I drove to Baton Rouge and leased a VW Golf (somehow the flooding bypassed the VW dealership) – in the hope that, when my lease is up, I can trade into the Golf GTE PHEV that should be available in the US by that time. Most of my driving for work (about half my yearly mileage) is distances over 300 miles each way and even my weekly commute to the office (I work mainly from home) is 120 miles round trip on an interstate highway with no hope of charging infrastructure availability. Rather than investing in our energy future (MS has massive deposits of lithium clay…) our legislature is too busy passing legislation to protect the “religious rights” of our state’s 98% Christian majority…