Transport Evolved Thought of the Day: Brexit and Electric Cars

Welcome to Thought of the Day! Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield as she poses a thought of the day inspired by recent news events.

Today, we’re asking if the UK exit from the European Union (AKA the “Brexit”) will have a positive or negative impact on green cars in the UK, specifically electric cars.

Watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • Andrew Hohmann

    Maybe businesses are looking at the expanse of Islam and Sharia no-go zones in Europe as part of reliable work force and legal/religious compliance issues. A religion is afforded special considerations. Islam better fits the definition of cult. A cult that imposes it’s will upon others. Would stopping the production line to accommodate prayer affect daily production figures?

    • Jeff Laurence

      Please. Islam is not a cult and I don’t really think this is the place for this…….stuff.

      • Joseph Dubeau

        There is white trash on both side of the pond.

        • Andrew Hohmann

          By implying “trash” is white, are you inciting racial hatred? Perhaps you’d like to rephrase that to say. CULTURES on both sides of the pond have trash.

      • Andrew Hohmann

        I’m sorry my comment offended you. I thought the topic was Brexit and why most Brits might have voted for it.

    • Sorry, this comment is being removed because the sentiment in this comment could be taken to mean incitement of racial hatred.

  • Jeff Laurence

    So far, so good. I saw the new Morgan three wheel electric. Very exciting with the top down types. It’s always been fascinating to me that the rainy UK has always led the world in open air motoring. I live in sunny California and you can’t buy a reasonable electric convertible here. Go figure.

  • EVcine

    One of the main lobby groups for BREXIT are known for a fact to have been motivated by wanting to get rid of workers protections, all regulations on emissions dropped and climate targets dumped.