Thought of the Day: Should We Incentivize People To Convert ICE to EV?

Welcome to Thought of the Day! Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield as she poses a thought of the day inspired by recent news events.

Today, we’re asking if more incentives should be offered to encourage car owners to convert their own internal combustion engined cars to electric? After all, it seems a shame to destroy perfectly good car bodies just to switch to electric power, right? Or are there really good reasons as to why we shouldn’t allow such a thing to take place?

Watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • Mark Melocco

    Not everyone has the time, skills, garage space and experience in converting an existing ICE to electric so an incentive program would result in a big increase in orders from conversion shops. The current size of the conversion industry would be quickly swamped by even a modest incentive program leading to lots of ‘shonky’ new entries into the market there for a quick buck more than anything else; that could result in a few tragedies.
    I think any money for the incentive is going to the right place and that is to new electric cars, but perhaps this could be extended to used production electric cars for those people shopping in the lower end of the market.

    • Jeff Laurence

      I do agree. The technical improvements have gone way beyond what any amateur can do. The cost of doing even a second rate conversation is prohibitive to most of us. Even with incentives it’s going to cost someone (taxpayers) to have inefficient electric cars running around. I’d love an ev roadster and looked into conversions. A decent one is not cheap and a cheap one, not decent.

  • vdiv

    Yes, absolutely we should. Also the penalty for ICEing should be a mandatory EV conversion, it would be most effective. Hey you wanted to park here and charge, well there you go! 😉

  • David Galvan

    I would love to electric convert my grandfather’s 1950’s era dodge pickup truck. I know that it’s do-able, as I’ve seen examples online, but it would cost multiple tens of thousands of dollars even if I took the many months of man-hours it would take to do it myself, let alone the even higher cost to have a conversion specialist do it.

    At a drive electric week event in Los Angeles a month or so ago, I saw a VW beetle that a high school club from Santa Monica converted to electric just a couple years ago. It was impressive, but they said that it cost them $40k to do (which they accomplished with fund-raising and donations).

    To answer the question, I would love to see incentives for electric conversions. It would be a niche, but a valid one.