Thought of the Day: Is Tesla Pushing Itself Too Hard?

Welcome to Thought of the Day! Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield as she poses a thought of the day inspired by recent news events.

Today, we’re asking if Tesla’s pushback of today’s promised Tesla Announcement to later this week is a sign that Tesla is pushing itself too hard and asking too much of its staff.

Watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • Chris O

    My favourite Tesla quote: “Elon Musk is always late yet nobody is be able to catch up with him”.

    GM would have none of it of course and decided to suggest to the world that Silicon Valley has nothing on Detroit by launching Bolt years before the planned 2020 launch of Model 3. Of course it had to skip the whole “Supercharge” thing that’s integral to Tesla’s success to do so, the new 150KW charging standard that could charge a large battery like the Bolt’s in a reasonable time has yet to be decided upon let alone rolled out so Bolt isn’t even 150KW ready, but that sort of details -important though they are- are ignored by most media making Tesla look bad. Also Bolt isn’t the only upcoming long range affordable EV so to stay in the race and remain credible Model 3 time line had to be moved forward aggressively .

    That does mean Tesla has to push itself (and its suppliers) really hard but announcing 1-2 years before launch isn’t costing Tesla sales as the presentation suggests, in fact the enormous reservation list is likely to cost its competitors many sales. Of course Model 3 will end up being late but it will still be the only high-output charging supported affordable EV on the market when it does arrive and no doubt the only one that will not be considered overpriced compared to rivalling lower luxury class ICE offerings by mainstream buyers, greatly increasing its market potential.

    That’s what it makes worth the wait I think and at least 370K people seem to agree.

  • Farmer_Dave

    Elon Musk reminds me of the proverbial frog & scorpion story. When the scorpion stings the frog who is giving him a ride across the stream, he confesses that “it is just his nature”.

    Elon can’t help himself; it is just his nature to promise to do what no one else can do in less time than is possible. When he delivers what no one else can do but takes longer than he promised, Elon is roundly criticized by many. He has immense goals (sustainable transport, Mars colony) and is driven to achieve them in as short a time as he can.

  • Tesla drives the change, and others try to follow.
    That is good for Tesla and the car buyers.
    The car industry finally woke up and smell the electrifying atmosphere

    I wonder if there wasn’t for Tesla where would be the electric car industry today?
    But that’s for another “thought of the day” maybe.

  • Rob

    Musk has become a failure in my eyes and Tesla is going to fail under his leadership. Disclaimer, I have an electric car so I am a fan of the tech (Mercedes B250e). What I find disturbing is that Musk has wasted his lead in technology by not figuring out how to execute. He doesn’t know how to mass produce cars. As the major car manufacturers come into the picture, Tesla will be left in the dust. My prediction is that Tesla will be sold at a loss to one of the manufacturers who falls behind the others. Look for Toyota or Fiat to buy them at a loss in 5 years.