Thought of the Day: What Will Tesla’s USP Be In The Future?

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Today, we’re asking (ahead of this evening’s Tesla announcement) what Tesla’s unique selling point (USP) will be in the future? So far, Tesla’s uniqueness has revolved around the speed and range of its electric vehicles, not to mention its autonomous vehicle and over-the-air software update system. But in the future, other automakers will offer similar futures in their cars. When that happens, Tesla will need a new USP — so what will it be?

Watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • Tesla is the first company that in the future will provide full autonomy to all the vehicles and that means 3 good selling points.

    1) Substantially safer driving than any human driver.
    2) Lower cost of transportation for owners of the cars, while avoiding the boring everyday driving in traffic.
    3) Making the car available in a car sharing service will making money for the owner and provide low-cost on-demand mobility for the users.

  • Chris O

    Don’t forget the Supercharger network as an USP. The rest of the pack is still dabbling with a standard for similar high output charging, let alone rolling it out. And very important for the US: a Tesla can be bought in many states from a factory owned retail location with salespeople who are actually interesting in selling you this product and will actually know a lot about it. That’s not going to change any time soon I think seeing how GM is actually amongst the most fanatic defenders of the ICE centred franchise system.

    At some point the pack will catch up with most of Tesla’s USPs of course, but Tesla will still be still have the image advantage I think of a leading EV company dedicated to offering people the best possible EV experience.

  • Fred

    Two words : Tesla Network! Period!