Thought of the Day: EV Ownership Models?

Welcome to Thought of the Day! Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield as she poses a question for you all to think about and answer.

Today we’re talking about electric vehicle ownership models moving forward. With companies like Tesla constantly innovating and electric car range ever-increasing, is it best to lease rather than buy? Or are we moving towards a future where cell-phone style rental plans come into force, charging people for the electricity they use (and getting the car for free?)

Watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • Chris O

    The Better Place initiative revolved around a cell phone style financing scheme in which one paid for driver miles rather than the car. Obviously that didn’t end well, though not necessarily because people don’t like that sort of finance arrangements.

    The general idea might yet go mainstream. Fully autonomous driving appears to be the next big thing and it could shake up car culture as we know it. People will basically be passengers rather than drivers so I expect them to value the actual ownership of a car less than they do now opening up an enormous market for carsharing schemes. A car is no longer a status symbol sitting in your driveway, it’s just a ride only a few clicks on your smart phone away from materializing at your current location.

    That would be that monthly payments for miles travelled rather than car payments right back on the menu.