Thought of the Day: Electric Cars and Donald Trump

Welcome to Thought of the Day! Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield as she poses a question for you all to think about and answer.

Today, following yesterday’s surprise U.S. Presidential results, we’re asking what the future is for electric cars in the U.S. now that Donald Trump (someone who is a known climate change skeptic) is heading to the White House?

Watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • Albemarle

    I think that states will have to pick up the slack. Perhaps a narcissistic need for approval will help keep some programs if there is enough loud protests.

  • CDspeed

    It looks bad, the people were sold something so the few could profit. And the place we all live in will continue to be treated like a dump with no consequences.

  • Stephen Dias

    I live in the Northeast, where you don’t see a lot of EV’s, but I drive one and I love it. There are many SAE J1772 charging stations around here, so getting around is not really difficult. Hopefully, it will stay that way. The election really surprised me; I didn’t expect it to go that way and didn’t consider Trump’s stance on the environment until after the election. We’ll just have to hope for the best. The president doesn’t have total power in this country.

  • EVcine

    So lets get this straight you are “sad & dissapointment” that a mass murdering war criminal financial crook did not become the First Emperor Vagina with her intention to start a Third World War with Russia. You are such a brainwashed Libtard you cannot even appreciate that for the second time (2008 / 2016) the world has now dodged the Hillary Clinton nuclear war bullet !

  • Rick Covert

    Nikki, I just saw the video. Your right on the candidates. There was no good candidate, just a least worst candidate. That being said it looks like, once again, we will not be seeing progress from the federal government on CO2 emissions reductions and promotion of electric vehicles. It will fall to the states and the cities and this is where I have good news in this rather bleak outcome. Back in 2007 a grass roots movement of Texans comprised of the mayors of Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio defeated a proposal by then Governor Rick Perry to build a massive number of coal fired power plants. Another coal fired power plant called White Stallion was defeated at Matagorda Bay because the out of state company failed to do a water use impact study and this was during a severe drought in the state. That got the project killed. This was under Governor Perry in a red state with Bush as President. We also had a burgeoning interest in electric cars in Houston which ended up with Teslas all over my side of Houston and chargers everywhere. I freely charge my car at no cost to me. We are also head and shoulders above the other states when it comes to wind power and the states mayors are taking aggressive steps to prepare their cities for the transition to a zero carbon future that must happen if Texas cities are to survive in the future. So all hope is not lost.