Thought of the Day: Mandatory Emergency Backup Power Solutions for Electric Cars

Welcome to Thought of the Day! Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield as she poses a question for you all to think about and answer.

Today, as yet another winter storm prepares to march across North America, we’re asking if electric vehicle manufacturers should be required to build in backup mains power inverters for their cars so that, in the event of a natural disaster or winter storm, owners can use their electric cars as emergency backup power supplies to keep themselves safe, warm and in contact with the outside world.

In Japan, many electric cars come from the factory with just such an option, but in Europe and North America, it’s something of an unknown.

Is it time to change that, and if so, what should automakers be required to fit to their cars to make them disaster ready?

Watch the video above, and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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