Ultimate Fan? Tesla Owner Turns Garage Into MiniMe Tesla ‘Gallery’, Complete With Table and Chairs

If you’ve ever been inside a Tesla Store or Tesla Gallery, you’ll know that it has a very particular feel to it. From the obvious branding features such as a large white Tesla logo hung on a either a red or grey wall and at least one immaculately clean Tesla car front and center, there are plenty of other details that remind you where you are.

Things like the lighting, the series of bar tables and chairs casually placed between the various cars on display, and the large wall-mounted prints of Tesla electric cars being driven next to beautiful ice-covered fjords or exploring a quiet nighttime city center. They all help to remind you of where you are — and what you may (or may not) be about to order.

DÆrik was painstaking in his work. (Image: DÆrik, via YouTube)

Of course these design elements are the brainchild of former Tesla VP of Design and Store Development George Blankenship, the same marketing guru behind the design of Apple’s original Apple Stores, not to mention the transformation of clothing brand GAP from dowdy to funky in the earlier noughties. They make the Tesla Store easily identifiable as the Tesla store, and any space containing these design elements immediately starts to feel a little like a Tesla Store or Gallery.

Which is perhaps why the personal home garage of DÆrik, Tesla fan and founder of Teslainventory.com — a third-party search engine for certified pre-owned Teslas — looks and feels a little like a Tesla Gallery.

The sign itself is made from MDF, carefully painted to just the right finish. (Image: DÆrik, via YouTube)

From the outside, there’s nothing unusual about DÆrik’s three-garage Colorado home, but pull inside the leftmost garage door, and you’re transported into an homage to Tesla’s iconic Store design, complete with wall-mounted Tesla charger, red accent wall with appropriately sized Tesla logo, and tiled floor. There’s even a Tesla-style bar table and three backless bar stools too, which DÆrik says are the exact same models used in Tesla Stores and Galleries around the world.

Starting from a blank wall in the recently expanded garage, DÆrik painted one wall with some carefully matched Red paint. He then, using a projector and some time, traced the actual Tesla logo from the company’s website onto a piece of MDF. With the logo then cut out, sanded and painted in an appropriate gloss white, DÆrik put the finishing touches to his garage wall to perfectly recreate a Tesla Gallery wall.

Watching the first part of his Tesla Gallery build video, it seems that DÆrik had no major issues giving his garage an automotive cosplay makeover, and the result is stunning. And of course, with his website offering to help would-be Tesla owners find their perfect certified pre-owned Tesla without going through Tesla’s (sometimes confusing) in-house search, we think it’s only natural that he’d want to reproduce a Tesla Gallery in his home.

Would you do the same to your garage? (Image: DÆrik, via YouTube)

Does Tesla know? It’s hard to say. Although Tesla has said of late that it’s going to start cracking down on unauthorized use of its logo and its brand name, we think it’s clear that this is a home garage and not a business venture. Consequently, we think it’d be hard to claim it as anything but a fan-made homage to the automaker.

Do you like the home makeover? Would you like to do something similar for your garage? And isn’t this just the same as NASCAR fans or off-road enthusiasts adoring their garages with the logos of their favorite teams, sponsors and championships?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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