Tesla’s Latest Gift To Model X Customers Is A Cute Christmas Easter-Egg Automotive Dance Routine (VIDEO)

If you live in pretty much any suburban setting across the U.S., you’ll know it’s that time of year when neighbors try and outdo one another with Holiday-themed light displays on their homes.

Sometimes, those light shows involve putting thousands of light bulbs on the outside of the house itself. Sometimes it involves hiding speakers that play holiday music at full blast as they go past. Some people even put giant inflatable Santas on their lawn or roof, complete with reindeer.

The Model X has a new trick — and it’s very Christmassy.

But if you happen to own a Tesla Model X you can do away with all of that thanks to a neat software holiday-themed easter-egg hidden in Tesla’s latest version of its vehicle operating system that turns the $100,000+ electric SUV into a sound and light display on its own.

As Tesla owner-cum hacker Jason Hughes discovered a while ago, Tesla’s 2.50.15 firmware for Model X has a hidden program within the codebase which, when activated, causes the Model X to put on its own Holiday-themed performance. This consists of a rendition of “Wizards in Winter” by the Trans Siberian Orchestra through its sound system at full volume while simultaneously flashing its various lights in time to the music, opening and closing both its Falcon Wing and Front doors and even wiggling its mirrors too.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Tesla put on a similar show last year for the Holiday season, publishing a video online showing not one but three Model X cars ‘dancing’ to that very same piece. It seems for this year, since there are more Model X cars in the wild than last year, Tesla decided to teach the trick to all of the Model X cars in the wild.

Activating the Easter Egg is pretty simple: with the car in park, press and hold the Tesla logo in the top center of the car’s touch-screen display until the car prompts you for a passcode. Then, enter “modelxmas” and the car will do the rest.

Aside from being a sweet, mesmerising holiday treat for Model X owners, the special subroutine shows just how much of the Tesla Model X can be controlled by the car’s onboard computer. What’s more, with the various lights and doors operating independently in time to the music, we think Tesla may have just discovered a new art form: automotive choreography.

Which got us thinking: will Tesla let customers program their own dance routines to their favorite songs for fun and entertainment? Or perhaps that extra special marriage proposal? Or perhaps a birthday surprise?

The possibilities are endless. And as a music graduate with an interest in electronic music (and MIDI control systems) this author can’t wait to have a go for herself.


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