Thought of the Day: Do We Really Need Cars That Know Everything About Us?

Welcome to Thought of the Day! Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield as she poses a question for you all to think about and answer.

Today, following the first two days of CES, we’re asking if automakers should really be focusing on cars that are fully customizable and know everything about us — or if they should be focusing on more important things like cleaner, greener, drivetrains?

Do millennials really want a car that can connect them with social media, or do they just want an affordable car that’s cheap to own and kind to the environment?

Watch the video above and leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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  • CDspeed

    It does seem like the auto industry wants in on the social media frenzy that is turning a lot of people into zombies controlled by their smart phones. They haven’t presented much to keep you from using your phone while driving, instead they’re just trying to take driving away, and replace it with TV and Twitter. In our cars it’s time to disconnect so we drive safely, and see what’s going on in the world around us. I especially don’t need my car to know anything about me in order to drive to the grocery store, and I don’t need to lounge in my car like I do on my sofa……

  • Nigel Wickenden

    I believe the future is autonomous vehicles that convey us safely and cleanly from where we are to where we want to go. By learning our habits/wants/needs meantime our partially autonomous vehicle should keep us more safe. Eventually most of us will not need to own a vehicle, we’ll just phone/text/e-mail and book one to take us where we want to go, whenever we want. The vehicle will be supplied by an Uber clone or somebody that owns a vehicle and wants to send it to earn some cash while they’re not using it. When we want to go home again, another vehicle will arrive to take us back. I look forward to not having to drive.

  • Farmer_Dave

    Dear Nikki,

    Welcome to the fuddy-duddy team.

    Now Get off My Lawn!

  • Martin Lacey

    My priorities?

    Autonomous driving would be helpful on long trips or when I’m scared to drive in my dotage.
    Connectivity (except carwings) is useful for mapping and finding charging locations.

    I’m very capable of setting my seat, the cabin temperature and putting on the radio or cd. I’ve even been known to stream music from my smartphone’s memory.

  • BenBrownEA

    When just my desires are catered to and shaped, the only new information is from those who see me as a consuming unit, when news is most efficiently fed to me – I’m pretty sure that will be the end of me being fully human. It won’t even be a collective like honeybees. At least honeybees are a true democracy (Read: Honeybee Democracy). It will be a few corporate minds will think for the rest of us. Corporations will be offended if I stop feeding them. Bottom line – I freaking don’t want everything I do to be customed catered and monitored. I want unexpected unrelated information so I (not some computer) can imagine horizons no one has thought of yet. I am angered by data collection on me and my habits. I want out of their boxing me in.