In Geneva, All-Electric Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept Unveiled With 3.2-Sec 0-62 Time: Here’s Why It’s Exciting

Earlier today at the Geneva Motor Show, French automaker Renault unveiled the Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept Car — a high-performance, dual-motor electric car based on the popular electric hatchback.

Unlike the ZOE, the ZOE e-Sport Concept features a dual motor all-wheel drive system putting out 320 Kilowatts of power, accelerating the svelte 1400 kilogram hatchback from 0-62 mph (0-100kph) in 3.2 seconds and going on to an electronically-limited top speed of 210 kph (130 mph) in just 10 seconds.

Yes, it’s a concept car, but is this a sneak peak at a future RenaultSport version of the unassuming Zoe hatchback? And if so, is this the first true all-electric hot hatch?

We think so. Watch the video to find out why.


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  • Albemarle

    I think this is neat and exciting. For many years I was disappointed that Ford would only sell their hot Focus models in Europe, leaving Canada out. We have always been a strong hatchback market, unlike the U. S.. Canada has this absolutely great Nissan Micra racing series that is a blast at low cost racing, using almost bog standard Micras with safety cages, etc.. Wouldn’t it be great to change it up with a hot hatch racing series!

  • Surya

    Oh, I’d love to get my hands on one of these, even for just one go 🙂
    I love the ZOE as is, but more power would certainly be welcome!

  • Sang Glaze

    This is a very interesting article. Thank you for posting this.

  • Moana

    This car is probably a fashionista!

  • Randolph

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